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New race(?): URDS!

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:26 pm    Post subject: New race(?): URDS! Reply with quote

I heard someone talking on the IG ooc line about how they would love to see Urds added to the MUD, and I actually agreed with the idea. It would be neat to see the stronger cousins of kobolds flying around, even if they would annoy the rest of us. I feel that their addition would also spice things up with the beast races, putting another conquerer-type into the mix. If the imms see fit that these guys be aded, I already have the race planned out.


Level adjustment: 2 (HM-only)
Stat adjustments: +4 dexterity, -2 wisdom
Skill adjustments: +2 endurance, -2 healing, +2 athletics
Misc bonuses: +2 natural armor
Innate spells: Levitate (at will*)

Standard alignments: any non-good except TN
Classes allowed: fighter, cleric, thief, ranger, sorcerer,
Normal adventuring starting age: 17-21
Average lifespan: 130***

The larger, winged cousins of kobolds, urds range in height
from four to four and a half feet. They are stronger and more
cunning than kobolds, and enjoy bullying and using them as battle
fodder. Despite this, kobolds treat urds with great respect
because of their appearance, viewing them as the missing link
between themselves and dragons. They are more similar to dragons
than kobolds, having faces that resemble a sqaut dragon. Their
scaly hides have a somewhat vivid range of colors, from dark red or
black to pale blue or green. They are far more bold and ferocious
than their smaller cousins, having a lust for direct combat. Most
urds tend to leave their dens for the surface at a young age,
taking on the life of mercenaries or soldiers.

["Flight spell" idea removed]

*I imagine that urds frequently try to keep themselves aloft,
trying to gain the advantage of height against even the tallest
opponents in battle.

***Being the stronger cousins of kobolds, it only makes sense
that they also live longer.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I disagree. First off I say no to the Urds.

Because Urds were replaced by 3e by Chromatic and Metallic Dragonwrought Kobolds. Which was a far better way of doing it then Urds imo. (Long story short, sometimes a kobold tribe will lay a special egg that is either metallic or chromatic in appearance and nature. The Kobolds that hatch have wings and various aspects of a metallic or chromatic dragon. They leave their Kobold Den to either join up with an actual metallic or chromatic dragon or just become very dragon like themselves, starting their own hoard. And obvious the Chromatic ones are very evil, the Metallic ones tend to be more good.)

Thirdly Kobolds aren't really a popular enough race I think to justify their own sub races.

Also on an unrelated note the two Kobold Gods and the Kobold minor deity are represented by Grumbar, Tempus and Mask already.
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I couldn't really say with any sort of strong commitment either way, whether they'd be a feasible race or not; I know very little about them so it'd take some reading to get an idea. We've been very cautious re: flight-capable races at this point, as it can get a little out of hand; you'll notice even fey'ri (which can, depending on ancestry, have wings) don't get any kind of flight ability - if they have wings they're required to be too weak for true flight.

It's a valid point that kobolds aren't exactly a prolific player race (despite being prolific in the setting), though I don't know if that would change depending on the subrace itself. I'm a lot more hesitant on "good" kobolds, but that might just be due to knowledge of the standard race rather than the subrace. The 3e ones do sound a bit too dragon-like/epic to be something we would install for play.
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