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Recruitment Drive

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:34 am    Post subject: Recruitment Drive Reply with quote

Fellow Sgers,

Below are Official Guidelines!

We are going to try something new as a staff. This is a test and might become more common if it works. There was some great ideas by Eris and Yves along with myself as we discussed this tonight. This is a general idea so that you all can start considering it, however, the "perks" might change as we discuss over the week leading up to the official start day.

Return to SG from October 1st - 7th and these perks will go on your character, which we need avatarmail what character you're doing this on as only one will be considered.

If you've been away for the past 30 days and want to return as a new character or an old character there will be perks.

New character - 1,000,000 Gold
Returning old character(gone for more than 30 days) - 250,000 Gold plus we will rebuild any old character that is "approved" during this period as well.

Recruit a friend and your gold doubles, plus your friend gets half of the amount you got.


New character - 1 million(new character) + 1 million(recruited friend) = 2 million for new character or returning character.

Existing players get 1 million gold for recruiting new people that play at least 2 weeks. This benefit is stackable. You recruit 20 people that play 2 weeks and we will give you 20 million gold. New characters or returning characters will get this stackable perk as well if they recruit.

Please avatarmail anyone character that you recruit and how you recruited them.

Lastly if you don't alt and play consistently at least 4 hours per week over the next 8 weeks. This goes for existing players who don't alt and play consistently during the 2 month time frame as well. The following reward will be allowed and the player can choose between which one they want not both!

1. Free Feat - You have to meet all requirement for this
2. 5 skill points - These skill points will not allow one to go above max rank and they can not be placed in crafting. Thanks to Mikyn for the suggestion.

*Feel free to offer ideas that do not REQUIRE tons of coding. Player houses, new areas, new items that are super complex will not be considered. We are tossing around positions of power though and might do this too. We are also open to more perks if they make sense during this recruitment drive.

**Perks are for the life of the character if all obligations are met and the player is on good standing with the immortal staff.

***If character is player-killed and you decide to switch to leave character X player killed we will place the alt perks on the character whom was around the longest assuming that they meet the playtime requirements.

Example: I play Karim for 2 weeks and he is killed. I decided to let the victors feel the perks of that by leaving him dead. As a player I still want to play I decide on Alzar and play him 6 weeks. Alzar would get the perks as he participated during the event.

****We aren't going to be super hard on these "guidelines" we just want everyone to try. The only guidelines we truly need is for everyone who wants a shot at the perks to AVATARMAIL your character in. If you've already done so thank you!

*****More perks maybe posted during this period as one offs for funsies.

SG Immortal Staff
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Joined: 17 Aug 2017
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Since most everyone who mailed has quit playing or fallen to no where close to the playtime set for the perks at this point except for 2. I'll be stopping this now. I will consider the characters that want their perks and add a feat/5 skills onto an item they already have currently.


I appreciate everyone who tried and was willing to try not alting. Feel free to do as you want. I will be hit or miss Ashasos and Amas, so if you see another wiz see if they can add a feat or 5 skill points to an item of yours.

Feat must be something you can get based on all stats.
Skill points can't take you over max for your level.

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