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The Hunters Hunted

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:04 pm    Post subject: The Hunters Hunted Reply with quote

The soft orange light of the rising sun peeked through the thick canopy of leaves far overhead casting dappled shadows across the forest floor. The hunters moved with a common purpose back towards the distant walls of the city, each with their portion of the nights bounty slung across their shoulders. Six of the eight hunters had pulled their hoods low as the light began to creep up on them, their obsidian skin blending into the shadows theirin and the red glow of their eyes giving them the appearance of leather clad wraiths. The remaining two embraced the warm glow as it bathed them, their leaf green eyes sparkling in the morning light.

Eilthi looked briefly to his brother before casting his gaze back to the silent wraiths they strode behind. They had been assigned this group three years ago by the new council and while the hunts had been productive and their students were fast learners trust was still something he could not claim to have for these dhaerow. Despite all they had done for him and his people Eilthi could not shake the discomfort he felt in their presence. Their thoughts were alien, their humor always tinged with cruelty and the darkness in them was evident in more than just their aversion to the warm morning light that shone down on them.

Still, he could not deny their effectiveness. Discomfort aside Eilthi had never felt safer. No, safe was not the word he was searching for. Empowered. Since they had joined forces with the dhaerow and the war to retake the quarter everything had changed. He had once been part of the small group of guardians who traveled through the quarter trying to quell the violence of the various humans who would victimize his People. He lost many of his cousins in skirmishes with the various gangs and things only got worse after the Talossian storm tore through and ravaged the few hiding places they had left for their young as well as that which they had been sworn to protect through the generations..

Now the tides were turned. The humans spoke in hushed tones of the People. The gangs no longer wandered into their territory. The People walked with pride and the humans cowered before them wondering if they would be the next to disappear into the night. There was an immense sense of satisfaction in standing above those who had previously spat on them. It was addicting and he knew he was not the only one who felt that way. He still could not trust these shadows from the underworld but secretly he wanted to..

Eilthi was stirred from his contemplations by a sharp pain in his shoulder. His immediate reaction would be to throw himself for cover but already his body was beginning to feel numb, his vision blurring. He heard distant cries and even as he fell he could see the vague distorted silhouttes of his party jerking under a hail of arrows from the trees. He did not feel the ground as it rose up hard to meet him, blasting the breath from his lungs.

His fall had seemed to take an eternity but he knew that it had taken only seconds. All around him the blurred forms he knew to be his companions lay still. His mind was beginning to fade at this point, everything growing darker but he clung to conciousness as best he could. Ahead of him he could see something was emerging from the brush. His last thought before the darkness settled over him was of the irony of how quickly the tides can turn...

Rumors are beginning to spread that Rilynath is asking questions throughout the underworld pertaining to recent attacks in Tharis forest. Bloody massacres and kidnappings on their doorstep with no traces left of who or what might be responsible. They are offering a great deal for any information that may lead to the return of their lost wards.

It is also whispered that they have begun to shore up defenses and there are more human disappearances being reported than usual in the city proper. Some of the whispers suggest an elven ghost wandering in the night to claim revenge on those who have wronged her. Still others claim that the sylvans have fallen into the same darkness as their drow counterparts and they are gathering sacrifices for some terrible ritual.

Any player wishing to be involved in any of the potential plot threads above feel free to come poke around in Tharis and mail or message me with any ideas for participation you might have.

Any immortal wishing to pick up one of these threads and make it your own please mail me and I will see that you have all relevant information to work with.

I am looking forward to breathing more life into the city of Tharis as I find it a fascinating backdrop to play in reminiscent of the Ravenloft setting. It is a city of darkness full of many races trying to survive in a place where the horrifying is sadly common and has taken its toll on the minds of its inhabitants. The asylum is filled to capacity and yet the people still continue to file in as new horrors appear. Adventurers and monster hunters alike are revered here as heroes regardless of their morality or motivations because they are some of the few capable of dealing with the monstrosities that lurk just out of sight waiting to prey on their next victim. So I would like to thank everyone in advance who shares my interest for your participation. I look forward to creating incredible stories with all of you.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This looks like a good idea also. Good luck!
PM me in the forum here when you want me on to RP or dungeon dive. The forum will automatically notify me by e-mail. Then my e-mail will send me a text message. Then I will get on likely within minutes.
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