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RP standards!

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 3:18 am    Post subject: RP standards! Reply with quote

Some changes are coming to the mud and I apologize that things have been a little hectic as I settle into a new position at work and I've been quiet on here.

So as you know, we are bringing roleplay back to the focus of this MUD. Here are some of the standards we will be holding.

Please make liberal use of the pcnote and thought commands. This is especially good for players playing evil sneaky characters. Playing a CE character, for example, does not necessarily mean you need to go murdering everyone you see(Though by all means, go right ahead), and those pcnotes and thoughts will help us as imms get a better sense of where you are going and what to throw at you.

Adjective: A good example of an adjective “A scarred, battle worn human in beat up plate mail.” This is the first impression you give other players, and it gives other players cues as to how to react with you. It doesn't have to be perfect, and it shouldn't be long. Just a quick little blurb that tells us something about you.

A good describe: This massive human stands head and shoulders above the rest, his battered, yet well-loved armor has seen it's better days, but it is well cared for. His steely blue eyes gaze around the room, looking for signs of mischief. His battle-scarred, stern face shows a few days of stubble, and his angular jaw is set in a constant grimace. He has a large, imposing weapon strapped to his back.

This isn't long, but it gives you a glimpse into this character's looks and overall demeanor. Again, this is to allow the world to react to you. It doesn't need to be long and flowery, and it doesn't even need to be color-coded. Now, I am aware that some people are not good at the describes, and adjectives and all of that. If so, I will be happy to put that useless 7 years in school to use and help you out. Color-code is optional but encouraged. If someone would like to learn the basics of it, I will be putting up a post sometime in the near future with the second half of that dictionary which will go more into detail on things like that.

Background: It doesn't need to be a novel, and can be in any format you choose. Just give us enough to go on so that we can get a little bit of insight into your character's motivations and backstory. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect. Please keep in mind though that this is in-game, and other players will be able to see it, and if there is something you do not want in there but want an imm to know, use a PC note. See below example

Entry dated 5 colddays 686 SG

I was given a very important task, find the Fey'ri traitor in our midst. Shouldn't be too hard. Got a basic description and a name. Black-skinned and red horns? Shouldn't be hard to find. Not even a little. And a name like Nocturne? Should be cake. Find him, kill him, take his shit, and go home and sip a nice wine on my piles and piles of gold. Yeah..... this is my ticket to easy street.

Entry dated 12 sundays 700 SG

Well. I've heard whispers in the dark. But I've been hunting him for 15 long years. I should be back surrounded by hot men in small clothes and piles of gold. For Mask's sake! I should have found him by now. I'm a master at subterfuge. I learned from the priests of Mask. I feel like a chump. This is just... not working.

Entry dated 10 colddays, 735 SG

I've finally tracked him through the town of Offestry... Then the trail stops. Looks like I need to hunt around. Listen to some of the locals and maybe... Maybe get a lucky break. Might as well hone my skills while I'm at it.

It's not a novel, and it tells you exactly the things you want to know, while leaving off things you may not want others to know.

Alignment: Alignment has been, I feel, one of the biggest sticking points on this MUD, next to certain races *Coughdrowcough*. Bar None. The way I envision it, alignment is a scale along 2 axes. Good to evil, and chaotic to lawful. PC notes are super useful in helping us follow this alignment scale with you. I don't see alignments as strict, so you will have some wiggle room. You have a friend who's evil and you’re not? Try to pull them to your side. You have a buddy who's CN and just wants to blow everything apart and your LN? Maybe give them some stern talkings to and then if they continue to misbehave, throw them in jail. You want to be CE but don't want to murder everyone? Go kill some centaur kids and tell me about it, or do sneaky behind the backs of everyone stuff and tell me about it.

Race: Race is next to alignments on the contention scale, however, this is one where I am opening it up. I will be opening up races to non-standard alignments by requests to one of the imms if you have a solid describe, adjective, and background, and have a level 20 character on your account.
Bear in mind though, that this is a living world, and if 8 good drow are running around, there will be consequences. This will also be more difficult, because even if you have say, a good aligned beast race, you will still have the same limitations of the race, with the added bonus of not having allies in that race right off the bat, which is a polite way of saying you are probably an outcast.

Stats: Stats are your physical and mental attributes. They should not only set your general feats, but they are also a great guiding line for roleplay and should be utilized. If your character has a 4 intelligence, for example, you shouldn’t be speaking in more than 4 word sentences. Physical stats are obviously going to be easier to play because they are far less subjective than mental. Things like your charisma score are incredibly subjective. However, do the best you can. If you are having trouble roleplaying a particular stat, please reference the help file for that particular stat, such as “help strength, help constitution” ect, or ask one of the imms.

This is the basics that I am going for. HOWEVER: The fact that we are going back to a minimum standard does not, and I mean DOES NOT, give any player or even an imm the right to take it upon themselves to “correct” someone's roleplay via insults and hazing/griefing. If you take issue with someone's roleplay or style, your options are to lead them in a direction, or bring it to an imm's attention if you think it is an actual problem. You may not know the whole story, and we may not know the whole story. Do not make assumptions. I know I sound a little harsh here, but this is one of my biggest issues going back to a minimum standard, and it is the worst part of our past that we will not be revisiting. If we find instances or witness hazing/griefing over the lines or IC it will be dealt with swiftly and accordingly. Most things will be dealt with in IG consequences as best as possible. We are all human, and more than numbers and letters on a screen. Temper your in game reactions with OOG consideration.

This has been a word from your humble, cawing chaos potoo.

Comments, Questions, and concerns?
Please reach out to me in in thee areas communication)
Ketamishadowmaul #7136 on Discord
Eris Asuna Discordia on Facebook Messenger.
Mail Eris on the mud
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