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Verbannon's Extended History
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:43 pm    Post subject: Verbannon's Extended History Reply with quote

Table of Contents


Event 1: [Ssri'tel'quessir plot part 1] Surviving the Arena

Event 2: [bodyguard plot part 1]Ex-bodyguard for Abagale

Event 3: [Bodyguard plot part 2] Dithas's Battle, My fight

Event 4: [bodyguard plot, final part] Sir Bentalf Avenges the scorning of Abalagale and defeat of Alzar.

Event 5: A Short Hunt

Event 6: A Mean Jest

Event 7: Abagale's Influence

Event 8: Aura of Chaos

Event 9: The Nameless
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Verbannon was Born of the Mallish Tribe Uhele one of hundreds of Maalish Tribes and only notable for their long held feud with with the Senzokuen Tiger Clan. One of the more powerful Senzokuen Clans. The Uhele Tribe's economy relies on steady trade with the various free citystates dotting the borders of the wildlands. Uhele trades mostly clothing and spoils in return for weapons and foodstuffs.

And due to their reliance on trade one of the most important men in the tribe was Infudo, Verbannon's grandfather and the most learned man of the tribe. Because of his education Infudo was responsible for relations with the citystates. However he was an old man and when he could no longer travel, Infudo's son, also named Infudo, would travel to the citystates in his place.

Infudo the Younger, was Verbannon's father and whenever he left to the citystates he would bring his wife, his eldest son, also named Infudo, and his youngest son (Verbannon). The elder son came along to learn from the father and Verbannon came along because he was yet too young to be apart from his mother. However habit set in and Verbannon would be brought along still even though he was no longer too young to stay.

Infudo's father learned well from Verbannon's grandfather and quickly became a skilled diplomat, politician at times merchant. Adopting the customs of the citystates when needed to impress and dressing up and teaching his family likewise. On some trips they would spend years at a single city and Verbannon would be tutored alongside the wealthier children of the citystates' nobility. And this combination laid the foundation for his pursuits of higher education.

In addition Verbannon's father had himtutored by the guard of whatever city they were staying because that is an important thing to his tribe to learn. And he spent a lot of his free time afterwards, staying with the soldiers and by extension the priests of Tempus that preferred to stay with the soldiers in the city barracks then any actual temple, even when one was provided.

However the wildlands are a violent place and few citystates live longer then a few centuries before destruction. And through their travels Verbannon saw many, many wars. And through all of these, what impressed upon his mind the most was how people reacted.

Since Verbannon's father was essentially a foriegn diplomat, he would get many of the luxuries of the nobility, and in times of war this meant he and his family got to escape the city along with the nobility. And this gave Verbannon a unique perspective, he saw many brave men, strong men he knew stand and fight, giving their lives so the nobility could live. Regardless of how 'worthy' those nobility seemed of their protection.

He saw the same thing happen in the streets also with relationship between those who protected and those who were protected. And in it all there was something about it he did not like, something that made him sick to his stomach to think of, but he could not think of what.

It was that he felt it was an injustice that better men gave their lives to protect (what he considered) lesser men who would not even raise spear nor sword to protect themselves. But he could not conceptualize this feeling or belief yet.

So this is how it went and as the years passed he would spend more and more time with the soldiers and priests of Tempus, talking with them, discussing with them, and learning from them.

And then the day came for Verbannon to return to his tribe to undergo the ceremony to prove him an adult in the eyes of his tribe. He went through the ceremony without complain and recovered from the wounds he received from it without complaint.

And then he went to his father and said only 'My place is with the world'. His father simply replied, "I know. Go with my blessings.'

And Verbannon left, running three nights, resting during the days until he reached the nearest Temple of Tempus. He joined the Temple and with his experience with the various city states and Maal Tribal customs, was assigned as a guide to a missionary group. Whose missoion was to spread the word of Tempus to all the wildlands.

For years he traveled with these priests, he delved into the most trap laden kobold den, walked before the golden thrones of the most powerful kings, lived among his ancient enemies the Senzokuen, sought the elves through their treacherous enchanted woods, faced armies of orcs just to speak with their chiefs and on occasion even did something dangerous.

And through all of this he learned and it was through this he began to realize what it was he was feeling when he was a boy, and more importantly what he could do about it. He realized there was weakness in the world and the weak did not just hurt themselves, but all around them. But he also learned that unlike what the followers of Bane would say, the weak were not a disease that needed eradicating, but diseased that needed curing.
And to cure them, one needed to teach them, to train them.

And so while he traveled with these priests, he learned their ideology and the ways of war and trained himself. He would learn from wandering trainers they met and learn their ways. He traded in the hide armor of his people that would fall to the bolt of a crossbow for solid plate of steel that would stop even the largest of bolts. And to the knowledge of the spear, he added the knowledge of the sword, the crossbow, the rapier, the dagger, the scythe, the pickaxe, the hammer and any other weapon he could find either a book on or a trainer for.

And when he was done, he took his leave of he priests to go into the rest of the world and teach not only the word of Tempus to the strong. But the path of strength to the weak.

Much to the relief of the priests he was guiding, because as he learned more of the ways of war. He began to increasingly question what he saw as their own inadequacies. Such as their refusal to wear any protection over their faces, which had resulted in a few unnecessary casualties among the group. And some expensive resurrections. And one priest could not read and Verbannon would bring it up nearly everyday citing hundreds of reasons why reading is an important skill to possess in war. And would often refuse to read out loud any important document or message just to prove his point. Much to the irritation of this priest.

Verbannon eventually made his way to the land of Shadowgate south through the Tsarven empire, using some of his father's friends among the Tsarven Empire's Sahib (nobility) to help buy his way through the Dwarven passes. After registering with the local Temple of Tempus Verbannon went to Offestry to find a trainer that would teach him the arts of training.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Event 1: Surviving the Arena

Verbannon cut his way through swathes of undead on the island of Graez, nothing special. It was just something to amuse him. He eventually reached the mountains of Graez and scaled them, using them to rest after his battle.

He wandered into the tomb of Medusa, why? Why not? At the end just as he was to face the Medusa he was struck from behind by something, a blow to the back of his head. He was overtaken by surprise from the blow when suddenly he felt himself lifted off the ground and thrown against the fall wall crashing into a statue of a firbolg as it was done. Crawling back to his feet he saw what he faced, a Drow with a Belor ally.

The drow motioned for the Below to charge forward and Verbannon yelling out a battle cry to TEmpus met the demon's charge with his own. Upon impact they were both hurled back, but before Verbannon could stand the Drow was upon smashing the pommel of his sword against Verbannon's knees, a part protected only by chain. Verbannon felt the impact and a bruise form but grabbed the drow by the throat and lifting him threw him at the Belor charging him. The belor tossed the drow out of the way and slammed into Verbannon who barely was able to raise his sword before the impact.

The sword went all the way through and the pommel pressed into his breastplate denting it. But the Belor slid off the sword dead. Verbannon rose to face the Drow but saw the drow laying face down, a stone statue. Apparently he caught the gaze of the Medusa.

Verbannon had no time for respite before a second drow assaulted him from behind, another blow to te back of the head, but this time no demon. Verbannon yelled a curse and spun around cleaving into the side of the drow with all of his might. The Drow's armor hed but the drow was still stunned by the blow.

Without Hesitation Verbannon ran his sword through the Drow's bared face.
Then another blow to the back of the head, and Verbannon decided o flee as this fight seemed unwinnable. Verbannon fled, but kept encountering more drow, more surprise attacks from the shadows, he made it outside the temple and halfway down the path before he finally collapsed.

When he awoke he saw he had been taken to some holding cell and he saw Vic talking to a Drow agent about what Verbannon had possibly seen. Verbannon saw nothing but they didn't believe him. But Vic seemed to have saved Verbannon from an execution by pressing to have him sent to the arena instead.

Odd, but Verbannon accepted and prepared himself for the arena. When the day of his first fight came he struck his opponent down with the first blow when suddenly there was an explosion and a gladiator of greater power ran through.

He yelled "Keep the Drow off of me while I open a portal!"

Verbannon nodded and prepared for the fight. No sooner had he readied himself then dozens of drow streamed through the gate and open ga made by the gladiator. Verbannon shouted a cry to TEmpus and began striking tem down in succession. Most of the drow armed with nothing but duel short swords were unable to even block a single of Verbannon'as mighty blows without having their weapon knocked from their hands.

Chop, swing, smash, kill, turn let the blows hit the armor, couter with the pommel, knockout blow, kick leg out, stomp on head while down, block with gauntlet, yank sword out of hand, stab drow in face with it.

And so on.

Then the elite drow came, they wielded magic weapons and armor and ourtnumbered Verbannon. It was all Verbannon could do to hold them off. Then he saw his advantage, the enclosed space. There were four elites fighting him in a space meant for a battle of two. Suddenly turning the aggressor he pressed into them, accepting the blows they gave him as he did.

A cut to the leg, a blow to the head, close one almost got his through. But it worked, they stepped back, Verbannon then began mocing back and forth trying to stay mobile pushing them together and closer against the walls, going as far as to bullrush them if needed.

More wounds, he felt one sword cut into his belly and he barely turned away before it went too deep. The dreaded three inch penetration.

But his plan worked the elites suddenly found themselves against a well and pressed too close to one another, they couldn't maneuver or swing their weapons, they were caught in Verbannon's killing box. Verbannon killed one with a well aimed thrust to the face cleaving through the jaw.

Therest charged him to get out of the box.Bet Verbannon was ready for this, he knew his strength outmatched them and setting his two-handed sword at half-sword like a spear he stepped into them, skewering through the shoulder of one spinning him around and sending him to the ground.

The other two escaped and turned to face hm when there as a large blasts of energy behind them that knocked them to the ground as a powerful portal opened up breaching the warding the Drow had on their arena.

Verbannon ran up to the portal and jumped through, but before he made iot he was tackled from the side. The gladiator that had helped him stared at him with dead eyes, he was enthralled, probably just as he finished the portal and his mental defenses were weakened.

With no choice Verbannon headbutted the gladiator in the head once, then twice then again and again and again until the Gladiator passed out. Then he dragged the gladiator through the portal just before it slammed shut slicing one of the elites that had attempted to follow in half.

Rolling the Gladiator over Verbannon saw his gut slit open, in order to avoid the gladiator's escape, they had him commit suicide while enthralled.

Verbannon stood up and left the gladiator there.

He then contacted Vic ad apologized for the escape to show that he had not taken it personally. Not that he would be returning willingly.

Laer Verbannon learned from Aash that Vic and apparently many of the other drow were claimign to be a long dead sect of dark elves that were good and not drow, instead they claimed to be the Ssri'tel'quessir. Verbannon doubted this, but did entertain the notion that perhaps the whole experience was some sort of illusion, a prank played on him by Vic.

However A long time sifting through notes on elven culture finally revealed
something ;

Ssri'tel'quessir was the name once given to Dark Elves, one of the elven subraces much like Sun and Moon and Wood elves. These elves were the target of the curse of Corellon and became what we now know as drow; there's nothing to suggest they have existed for nearly eleven millennia.

With this Verbannon heavily doubts their claims but as of now know not how to act on this suspicion.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Event 2: Ex-Bodyguard for Abagale

Not realizing Auril was the enemy of Tempus or that Demons had slaughtered civilians in Antioch, one day while Verbannon was training students in the arts of War Abagale approached and offered him to be his bodyguard.

This alliance was short lived however and soon Verbannon cancelled it and challenged her to a duel. He didn't last long, with but three powerful spells, Verbannon was out cold and defeated.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Event 3: Dithas's Battle , My fight

Dithas, a demon possessed man, had just heard that Alzar, High priest of Cyric, had threatened his girlfriend Raveena.

Apparently they had been having some feud for a while.

Now Verbannon knew Alzar was the enemy of TEmpus has Cyric was, Cyric always causing as much strife as possible without letting it ascend into war. And since Dithas was Verbannon's ally, Verbannon saw no reason not to aid Dithas.

Dithas had just stated his intention to attack Alzar when Alzar just appeared and attacked, striking down Dithas with one of his initial blows, Dithas who had not time to react.

Verbannon immediately reacted, drawing a death scythe, Verbannon imbued into it a counter spell and struck Alzar hard, shattering the mystical defenses Alzar had placed upon himself.

Then the fight began in earnest.

Alzar began a devastating mental assault on Verbannon, who fell to his knees and cried out, but Verbannon didn't let that defeat him. As the attack on his mind screamed BLASPHEMY! Into his deepest recesses he pulled at the spell, unravelling it, reforming it and then Verbannon stood to his feat shouting out the spell and sending Alzar sprawling with his own spell.

Phantasmal beasts struck at Verbannon, protecting their master but Verbannon fought at them, but they held him until Alzar recovered and unleashed more devasting attacks and struck at Verbannon with his own weapons. While the Phantsma held up most of Verbannon's effort Alzar screached out divine curses and flanked Verbannon striking at the back of his legs and neck before retreating back behind his pets.

Verbannon shouted his own curse though not divinely inspired and rushed at Alzar tossing aside the phantasms like paper machete. When verbannon found himself enveloped in a cloud of daggers smashing into him, cutting at him where they could, through this all Verbannon struck Alzar as hard as he culd, and lo though his blow was stopped by Alzar's shield, he heard Alzar grunt in pain as the force itself hurt the arm alone.

With his other Alzar drew out powder and tossed it into Verbannon's face where it was stopped by the solid plate of the emerald Helmet Verbannon wore. Verbannon was then besought upon from behind while Alzar stepped back, Verbannon hooked his scythe under Alzar's foot sending him to the ground as Verbannon turned to drive off these phantom, when Verbannon felt a wave of power strike him from behind sending him flying into the fireplace. While laying there Verbannon chugged down a potion of invisibility and vanished from sought to give himself time to get out of the fireplace before the phantoms pinned him there. Verbannon got out but he saw the Alzar could see through his invisibility as if it wasn't there.

Spinning hard Verbannon ran through both phantoms with the point of the scythe dispelling them. Then Alzar began to summon more phantrasms but Verbannon shouted a counterspell, blocking Alzar's summoning and using Alzar's unused energies to create his own phantom soldiers. Then as Verbannon, flanked by his new allies charged Alzar, Alzar threw another wave of power at Verbannon. Verbannon dispelled the energy before it touched him and swung at Alzar for the death blow but then... Alzar wasn't there.

He vanished in thin air. Verbannon cursed mages as he restored Dithas to health and Raveena crawled out from uder the table. Dioithas called together half a dozen allies and prepared to hunt down Alzar when Alzar sued for peace using a man named Terrin as an intermediary.

Alzar apologized and swore not to bother Dithas again. Dithas accepted the terms and it was over. For now. Verbannon steered the conversation away from his defeat of Alzar not wishing the attention.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Event 4. Sir Bentalf Avenges the scorning of Abalagale and defeat of Alzar.

While walking along king's road just north of Rhapsody Verbannon was confronted by the combined force of Raveena, Abagale and Sir Bentalf.

At first Verbannon thought nothing of it, he knew Raveena was trying to respark her romance with Sir Bentalf and that Sir Bentalf and Abagale were both followers of Auril.

He gave them a friendly his they stopped before him when Abagale began decrying his attack on Alzar.

Verbannon defended himself as Alzar struck first.

She replied that it doesn't matter as Dithas is a demon who was controlling Raveena.

Verbannon said he had heard none of this and promised to look into it and see if this was true, if it was give Dithas a lesson in freewill.

This did not appease them, and the started getting even more angry and hostile, saying he shouldn't have been associating with demons in the first place.

Verbannon retorted saying that it didn't matter that he was a Demon. That Verbannon gave everybody a chance to prove their valor and honor or learn it. And that as a trainer of Tempus, teaching such things was his duty.

They then switched the subject to his betrayal of Abagale, saying that he had failed as a retainer and was ungrateful for the gift offered. The is having been welcomed into Auril's family or some such nonsense.

Verbannon couldn't help but laugh at that.

He told her he was never her retainer or in her family, he was just a mercenary, nothing more, an impersonal business relationship.

They got even madder and demanded he bow down and beg for forgiveness.

Verbannon looked at them, calculated his odds of success at around 0 and said he cannot refuse a fair challenge, however Tempest says he can flee from insurmountable odds, such as these.

Then Verbannon fled all the way to Tempest's temple.

There Jimi whispered to him that Sir Bentalf was looking for him, intent on making a sacrifice.

Shortly thereafter Sir Bentalf Challenged Verbannon to a duel. Verbannon accepted and the location of the duel the daggerdale ruins.

Verbannon told Sir Bentalf he wouldn't kill him, for Verbannon thought needlessly killing the strong was a waste, but that he demanded that if he did win, the feud was over.

Sir Bentalf agreed.

After waiting for Sir Bentalf to finish preparing his spells and to mount his horse, Verbannon grabbed his death scythe by the shaft putting the tail end forward and charging as fast and hard as he could at the mounted Bentalf, evading Bentalf's charge Verbannon began striking Bentalf as hard and fast as he could, with the barbed spiked tail of the death scythe, while jogging alongside the horse, caring not for a good strike but merely to impart the counter spell dispelling the enchantments held by Bentalf.

However this was not to be, Bentalf's horse suddenly reared up and struck Verbannon with its hooves and Verbannon stumbled back barely able to keep his balance. Trying to buy time Verbannon thrust the scythe into the ground and clapped his hands together resulting in a thunderous roar that caused one side of the arena to collapse with a tumultuous roar, but as Verbannon picked up his weapon he was struck by Sir Bentalf's charge and knocked across the arena about 8 feet. Verbannon landed and rolled across the ground.

Jumping to his feet Verbannon ran after Bentalf, Verbannon now wielding the scythe with the blade forward rather then its barbed tail Verbannon resumed his furious series of blows against Betalf while he fought back, horse rearing. Verbannon tried to hook his scythe in the shield and pull it out of his hands or hook it around Bentalf himself and drag him off the horse but failed in both accounts. Betalf's skill with the shield was unmatched and although verbannon was oft struck, he could not lay even a single blow on Bentalf.

Mind racign to figure out a strategem, Verbannon cleaved with all his might trying to simply overpower Bentalf's defenses, and although Verbannon failed, Bentalf was forces to race away from the furt6y and turn for another charge.

Verbannon charged Benttalf's charge head on trying to use the momentem of Bentalf's hose against him, hooking the scythe around Betalf's chest Verbannon dug his heels in and grunted as he tried to yank Bentalf off, but to no avail, rather then fall off, Verbannon was yanked off of his feet.

Rolling back to his feat barely avoiding the horse's crushing hooves, Verbannon smashed a canister of smoke onto the ground moving through the samoke to hopefully strike around the shield. And it worked. Slipping behind the horse Verbannon hooked Bentalf's armored neck with the scyhthe and managed to drag him off as Bentalf swung his shield back and forth searching for Verbannon.

Having knoked him off his horse, Verbannon waited for him to stand before renewing his assault. Flipping his scythe around Verbannon feinted low prompting the shield to drop then in a flash Verbannon pulled back and thrust up, striking Bewntalf in the face and staggering him. Verbannon followed up by spiunning the scythe around and imbuing it with another counterspell, swung as hard as he could down upon Bentalf but with speed showing he earned his title of champion, Bentalf raised his shield blocking the blow.

Verbannon was staggered by the shock of his own blow against the unyielding shield and Sir Bentalf followed up with a series of strikes. Shoulder, leg, face, shoulder, chest. leg. Verbannon was feeling badly beaten and bruised and knew he had to do something so Verbannon swung his scythe with all his might again, knocking Bentalf back as Verbannon grabbed a potion of invisibility and downed it.

But before the spell could take effect Bentalf knocked him off his feet with the shield, the blow was so fiece Verbannon found himself stunned for what seemed like hours as Bentalf wailed on Verbannon with blow after blow, the invisibility not aiding whilst Bentalf knew exactly where Verbannon lay. The blood spilled from Verbannon spilled across the enchantment dispelling it.

Then As Verbannon climbed back to his feet Bentalf whistled for his horse and jumped on top, circling around He lowered his lance straight at Verbannon. Trying to think of what to do, Verbannon's addled mind couldn't and he toook the blow full in the chest, the blow driving him into the far wall where he fell down knocked out.

When he awoke ater he saw himself tied and about to be sacrificed to Auril. When prompted for last words, Verbannon said he would not struggle as he lost a fair duel and knew the consequences.

Closing his eyes and laying his head back, Bentalf smashed his skull in.

Later Verbannon's body was resurrected but Verbannon accepted his defeat and chose not to oppose Auril at all in this war. And he held no ill will toward Sir Bentalf.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Event 6: A Mean Jest

Verbannon was in his temple when he was contacted by Belendithas, saying Ochgier the leader of the skullbreakers wanted to duel Verbannon. Verbannon really didn't want to but didn't see any good excuse to refuse so accepted. It would be fought in the Ruined Daggerdale Arena.

A few days later Verbannon went to to scheduled appointment when Ochgier showed up yelling about how Verbannon had threatened to do something to Jimi and how Ochgier was going to break Verbannon's skull because of it.

Verbannon had come for a duel, not a screaming match or a fight to the death so Verbannon drew his Sword of honor and smashed the flat part of the blade against Ochhgier's head the power of the sword making knocking him out easy.

Verbannon bound his arms and woke the half-ogre up. When Dithas entered, apparently wanting to watch the duel. Thats when the half-ogre snapped the ropes and leaped to his feat drawing a scythe and knocking the sword of honor out of surprised Verbannon's hands before whirling the scythe around and knocking Verbannon out cold.

Soon they woke him up Dithas telling Verbannon that he had managed to convince Ochgier to fight an actual duel. Verbannon groggily nodded and stood to his feet to prepare for the fight, after a few moments of strenting and breathing he was ready. Dithas stood back and Ochgier charged at Verbannon, Verbannon not in the mood to play games just chared right back. They slammed into each other, both falling to the ground.

But the half-ogre was back to his feet quicker and grabbing a large stone picked it up began smashing it against Verbannon over and over and over again until he calmed down.

Verbannon clearly defeated agreed to pay both Ochgier and Jimi 100,000 gold. Then Verbannon decided to avoid Jimi if at all possible and if not, ignore him as much as possible.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Event 7: Abagale's Influence

Verbannon had just entered the three coins inn, when he noticed the creak of steps following him, but saw no one. Then he noticed the unmistakable drop in temperature, Abagale, the high priestess of Auril, was following him. But why? Verbannon mumbled some counterspells before he turned towards the emptiness she stood and called out to her, asking her why she was following him.

She answered by screaming down a curse upon Verbannon. Verbannon ready for it, shouted a counterspell, turning Abagale's own spell against her. Verbannon realizing he stood little chance against her alone, especially while she was invisible and he caught so of-guard fled while she was stunned.

Deciding he needed allies he fled to Deku and using the psychic there to contact Clancy. He had barely managed to tell her he was under attack when Another curse struck him, stunning him. Verbannon fought back after this but was quickly subdued.

Waking up later in an attic somewhere he found himself bound. Abagale seemed to be fiddling with some crown and a necklace. Abagale told him that the necklace would enslave his mind and would force Verbannon to obey whomever wore the crown.

During this Clancy contacted him and he gave her step by step details of what was happening until Abagale placed the necklace of compliance upon his neck. Verbannon froze as he felt something attack his mind, his will. Verbannon closed his eyes for but a second, but in his mind it took hours.

The spell upon this necklace was powerful, overwhelmingly so. But Verbannon was Maalish, their will was strong among mankind and magic weak upon their bodies. But still his struggle proved mostly in vain When he opened his eyes again, he was in her power. Though his constant battle with the necklace had left him in a near catatonic state.

Abagale left Verbannon in the inn and Verbannon sat in a catatonic state, mumbling as little as possible. Clancy eventually came and took him somewhere, where after a little while she figured out it was the necklace that was controlling him. She figured this out because Verbannon kept denying its existence.

A lot of time passed, eventually Clancy and a couple others had the idea to take him to his temple. There Verbannon found that the necklace's power weakened. It was now that Verbannonm began having books brought to him for his research ways of combating this necklace, though occasionally Abagale would order him to come to her and do things, which caused him to lose time until somebody found him an took him back to the Temple of Tempus.

It took two weeks but eventually Verbannon found the ritual needed to seal the necklace's power and counter the curse on it.

After this he decided not to do anything to get back at Abagale. Deciding that if she thinks he is still under her power, then he has the advantage and time to figure out a plan. In the meantime he decided to take the equipment he had been saving to try training the Tonovi slaves, and instead make a circuit of the cities training whoever would volunteer.

While he was doing this Og came to him and told him that a Knight of Tyr named Zachary for an unknown reason had decided to trade his freedom for Verbannon's. Og said it was just for a month. Verbannon checked the necklace and saw that its connection to the slave crown had not been severed and decided that the deal must have fallen through. This thought was reinforced later when he saw a post by Zachary on the boards calling people to join him in a fight against evil.

Shortly thereafter while he was at Kildare Glen, Abagale, accompanied by Tuurghol the goblin sorcerer, showed up. Abagale ordered the goblin to start massacring the militia he was training while Abagale froze Verbannon in place with ice and forced him to watch. Abagale demanded Verbannon to bow to her but Verbannon refused, then Abagale said she would bring harm to Og. Verbannon didn't budge from his position, so Abagale left once the massacre was finished.

Shortly thereafter Verbannon learned that he was being blamed fort he massacre so he paid a large amount of money to resurrect the dead andsd Clancy donated some also.

Shortly after that Clancy told Verbannon that Og had been mind controlled like Verbannon was. Verbannon immedietly set off to find Og, now mentally deciding that Abagale was becoming too big a nuisance to just ignore and bide time. Finding Og on Deku, Verbannon told Og that he was going to free him, in death if need be.
The mind controlled Og shouted he didn't want to die and fled, Verbannon chased after him, tracking him down and when he caught up, tripped him over and slammed the sword against Og's helmet knocking him out.

Now Verbannon brought out a dagger to administer the coup de grace if the disenchantment ritual failed. And then Verbannon bringing out bone dust and a few other ingredients began the ritual. An unknown amount of time passed before he was finished, and as luck would have it. The bracers of compliance Og was wearing came off, their magic sealed.

Verbannon woke up Og, explained what happened, then smashed the bracers, resulting in an almost overwhelming blast of cold air to wash over them.

After this Verbannon decided to hunt down Tuurghol, see if he was mind controlled, if so, free him. If not, beat him up and drag him to Kildare Glen to be tried and executed.

He found him at the Rhapsody inn and told him to come out to fight to the death. Tuurghol came out and their battle was joined. It lasted over an hour, and just as Verbannon was on the verge of victory Tuurghol threw dust into Verbannon's face and stroke him with a bloody hand, two things Verbannon did not have on him.

After this Verbannon gave up on defeating Tuurghol for now. And instead started trying to gain allies.

Time passed and Abagale began hunting him, desperate for allies Verbannon ran to Zathery and asked him for his aid in fighting Abagale. Instead Zathery decided to deal with Abagale, getting a truce in return for the removal of the items of compliance, although the items of compliance weren't an issue for anyone at the moment. Though the exact details Verbannon knows not.

And thus this segment ends.
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Aura of Chaos

Within the inn of Antioch Azalon was speaking to a young looking Templar of Tymora that was grievously wounded whilst Verbannon stood by eating a plate of wild goose.

The Templar Begged Azalon earnestly, “You must take the aura! Protect it! My time is almost done! Please!”

Azalon looked at him and quietly assented. His cold gaze burning into the Templar.

The Templar looked relieved and with much pain and effort began to remove a Fetish that must have been the aura of chaos from himself, transferring it to Azalon. He was not even finished when his body began to age at a remarkable rate and in seconds was left naught but bones.

Azalon pocketed the Fetish when half a dozen Besheba cultists burst in and tackled Azalon trying to wrest the the Aura from him. Azalon was slammed against the wall but before he had even impacted he already upper cutted one of the cultists knocking him backwards.

Verbannon finished this cultist and one other off with a table to the head. Before Verbannon could draw his sword to give further aid Azalon was already finished with the other four, the corpses showing the excess brutality Azalon was noted for.
Verbannon sighed slightly annoyed at the blood pooling at his boots but said nothing and followed Azalon as he left the inn. Silently informing him that he would aid Azalon. Once outside hey saw the entire city in chaos, the streets were filled with fighting between Besheba Cultists, their undead and the soldiers of Antioch.
It was now when Alzar stepped out of no where next to them, Alzar went to say someing when his mouth was filled with Azalon’s pommel. And Alzar was knocked out just like that. Verbannon dragged Alzar’s koed body into the inn for safety while Azalon left, while he did this cries of Maskarrans appearing inside the city were shouted, followed shortly by cries of Cyricists.

Outside of the city Verbannon found Azalon with some others and after joining them, they decided to head towards Tymora’s temple. Along the way however chaos beasts began to materialize out of thin air everywhere. And they attacked all, allies, Cyricists, Bethshebans and Maskarranns with equal abandon.

At the temple they learned the Aura of Chaos was A Cyric artifact that both Tymora and Bethsheba prized and the Maskarrans wanted to profit from. It had to be worn or it would tear away the fabric separating this realm of the chaos realm bringing an army of chaos beasts to terrorize the planet.
Azalon left the Temple to decide who he trusted to hold it.
A few days later Azalon in a secret meeting attended only by a few, gave the aura to the wild elf Sumara. Why he chose her Verbannon knew not, but he knew she would need help. She learned she needed to stayed away from the woods because when she was in them, the aura of chaos would drain all of the life from them, wilting them away to try to destroy her mentally.
A few weeks later his suspicions proved accurate. Verbannon had been keeping a watchful eye on Sumara when he saw her in the canyons alone but besot by creatures of shadow. Many Creatures of Shadow.

Moving in to give aid he Drew his Holy Sword of Honor and lashed out at the shadows. They melted away only to begin their assault again anew. However Verbannon knew this was not his battle so he began to shout encouragement to Sumara. He drew upon every ounce of his training as a trainer to bolster her strength and courage. He kept the majority off her but told her she was the only one that could defeat them truly.
The ground began to quake threatening to throw them from their feet, but Verbannon thrust his sword of honor holding on to it with one hand and Sumara with the other. Sumara dropped her swords and when she went to pick them up skittered away.. So Verbannon let go of his sword of honor long enough to draw his Ruby Hammer of the crimson flames. Its holy flames ignited setting a fire a few of the shadows and he handed it to Sumara to use to face the shadow while he held them steady.
The Earthquake then grew even more powerful in Earnest. Verbannon held on tightly to his sword of honor shouting encouragements at Sumara while she held onto his hand and swung the hammer at the shadows. Then the quaking stopped and she pulled herself away from Verbannon angrily and threw the hammer with a rage at the shadows and picked her own sword to continue fighting.
Then shadowy chains wrapped themselves around Sumara entrapping her. Verbannon raced to her to pull them off but to no avail. Then he picked up his hammer from the wall, lighting its Holy Flames he struck at the chains and they burned away.

Soon the battle was over and in one spiteful move Cyric collapsed the canyon walls onto Sumara but Verbannon drew his shield and running over to her shielded her from the rocks. Sumara collapsed to the ground sobbing, for those shadows she saw were her memories. And although these were defeated. In her past there were many more to be resurrected against her.

It was not too many more days later when Verbannon again saw Sumara in trouble. Alongside a riva of magma she was bond while being tortured by shadows. Verbannon raced to her side again, unbinding her, but Sumara hardly moved, she just screamed and moaned at the images in her head.

Verbannon realized the real battle was in her mind and so he struck his Sword of Honor into the ground called out a prayer to Tempus

“Within her mind rages a great battle! Until this battle is waged let not these cowards assault her body!”
His sword of honor shown brightly, a beam of light struck down from the heavens and the shadows were thrown back unable to come forward. And Verbannon sat with Sumara comforting her however he could while she fought.
And she won. Again this was a memory too horrible. But she won and this memor y would no longer assault her.

Later open the road of Dagger she was again assaulted by a memory but alas this time Verbannon could not aid her. Alzar and Dithas came by and without understanding tried to give aid the best they could. Going as far as to send Verbannon away. And where Verbannon had succeeded twice before, they failed. To her temple she fled, leaving a wake of destruction behind her. Alzar eventually managed to calm her by linking her to him so he could partake in her agony, but still what had happened was too great for her to handle and she secluded herself into solitude. A deep meditation where none could find her.
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Event 9:The Nameless

Verbannon was in the Rhapsody listening to a tale by Trillet, a Half Elf. The tale was about how these two shards came from the sky and hit the ground. Ansekin and Saqira were the first to reach them and touch them. And apparently the shards were the soul and spirit of some sort of being. The mind and heart. It asked them to promise to keep the two separate. And they promised, but Alzar grabbed them and forced the two shards together anyway.

When forced together they formed some sort of sphere and were angry at Ansekin and Saqira. Ansekin tried touching it to talk to it and was grabbed by it and the sphere started to hurt him before he managed to explain what happen. Upon hearing this it seemed to have understood and began to heal the wounds it caused when Dithas, who was also with the group, yanked him out with a spell. And Ansekin was left without his hands

After hearing this Verbannon’s interest was piqued and he asked Trillet to take him to the sphere. The sphere was situated on a back mountain trail a moderate distance from Kildare Glen. Around the sphere a number of people had already gathered. Including what looked to be the start of a cult. Verbannon looked at the sphere for a while before suddenly the idea entered his head to help the sphere. Verbannon knew a moderate amount of abjuration, though he mostly used it just to defeat the defenses of magi, psions and priests. It occurred to him he might be able to use it to divide the sphere again. For a moment Verbannon wondered why he cared about the sphere at all. But something in him said the sphere was going to be very important to him.

So Verbannon sent Trillet off to with a list of spell books he needed to attempt to this ritual. And upon receiving them set himself to the task. Over the next few days he used every spell and ritual he could think of or read about, but all to no avail. The sphere was just impenetrable by his magic but not magic itself. For a short moment Verbannon considered trying to crack the sphere with brute force. But he dismissed this notion.
It wasn’t long after this while he sat there thinking that Saqira arrived and said that he and a few others, namely Ansekin, Trillet, Dax and JimiJukker, were invited to see some named Father Belanos in regards to the sphere. And she led them to him.

From Belanos Verbannon learned that the sphere was some sort of unfinished or broken Godling. Upon forming in the astral sea it possessed the imperfection of aimlessness. It lacked power over any domain and thus was thrown out of the astral plane, rejected by its fellow astral beings. The pain of this rejection as well as a number of bad experiences it had in the mortal realm convinced it to separate itself. Mind from heart in a sort of suicide.
But now that it was reformed, it would again be in search of a purpose, to heal itself. And That, Father Belanos said, was where Verbannon, Saqira, Trillet, Ansekin, Dax, and Jimijuker came in. He said that they needed to guide the Godling to its purpose.

Upon hearing this Verbannon felt a stirring in his heart. The thought of training a God filled him with an incredible excitement. For years he had trained mortals, trying to remove weakness from civilization by making the weak strong with his training. But he could only teach a few at a time and his effect was so small. But Verbannon just imagined what he could do with a God trained to train. Whose purpose was his own. And who better to teach a God then himself? No one else here was even qualified to teach mortals. It was obvious he was the man for the job and Verbannon said as much.

Verbannon was surprised and somewhat confused, though he didn’t show it when the others showed actually a level of hostility towards his idea. Instead they seemed only interested in making sure it was passive and harmless. Saying it should be taught peace and goodness. Then Verbannon’s confusion faded as he realized why they were hostile. They were cowards. They feared the power of the Unnamed God so much they weren’t willing to take any risk to use it for the better of civilization. Verbannon fumed inwardly cursing them. It was this kind of thinking that makes it so easy for evil and darkness to maintain such a strong grip on the lands. And probably why Paladins were so scarce. And it was then Verbannon decided he didn’t care what they thought. If they were going to let fear rule hem, then they were worthless to him.

While they talked endlessly about how to get the crowds away from the sphere, Verbannon listened, thought and occasionally interjected. Eventually it was decided He and Saqira would talk to the cult, find their intention, a choice Verbannon agreed with. Ansekin and Trillet would try to create a fake Sphere and Dax and Jimi would think of some convincing deception.

The Cult seemed to have somehow realized the sphere was a purposeless god without an identity. Probably influenced by the sphere. And had decided to strip themselves of their own identity to be like it. Verbannon thought it was idiotic but also thought it was useful. But for now Verbannon tried to form some wards around the sphere to ward off outside influence, which failed and touched it, trying to influence it himself.
A few days passed and Jimi stumbled in with some shoddy make-up on to make him look sick and started oohing and awing and falling over telling everyone he was sick and dying and it was caused by the sphere. Saqira, Trillet and Ansekin followed shortly after, without make-up and started joining in coughing and yelling about they were dying because of the sphere to leprosy and the pox and every other disease imaginable.

It was so ham-fisted and over the top Verbannon could do naught but groan to himself. And when they tried to get him to join in he made only a half-hearted attempt to play along while glaring at them constantly. They failed to catch the hint. Eventually when they paused to catch their breaths. The crowd started to clap believing it to be a performance and gave them money. Verbannon laughed quietly to himself over that.

As the days passed the crowd began to shrink except for the cult which grew. And for some reason some great abjuration was upon the area. Verbannon thought maybe he sphere had magnified the spells he cast on it.

Saqira and the others showed up once in a while and one time they were approached by some members of the cult who called themselves the nameless. They told them that the source of the anti-magic field was at the fairy ring in the moonstone valley. Everyone but Verbannon left to go deal with it. Verbannon stayed with the sphere. However only a few minutes seemed to have passed before the anti-magic field went down. And then members of the cult one by one as if insanity had taken hold of them started to assault Verbannon. Just breaking out of the crowd at random to attack.

Verbannon believing them to be under the influence of some external force raised his shield and fought defensively to escape. Upon escaping he Contacted Ansekin and told him to bring the others back, that the cult had gone crazy and the anti-magic field was down. Ansekin arrived with Trillet and told him they had seen a Black Dragon fly away from the fairy ring.

However before they could discuss this and their plan and strategy they heard some chanting come from the direction of the sphere, believing they were out of time they decided to try to drive the Cult out from the sphere. Verbannon told Ansekin and Trillet to avoid killing as many as they could. However Ansekin scoffed at this and started striking at the cult with his psionic blasts from afar. The cult responded in kind and charged the three and Ansekin conjured forth a number of plasmatic soldiers who started to cut into the Cult killing with abandon and Ansekin was no more careful.
Verbannon tried to use his shield and hammer to keep from causing mortal wounds, but those soldiers just finished off any he put down and soon half the cult was dead and the other half scattered. Verbannon sighed.
With the crowd dispersed Verbannon returned to trying to influence the sphere. Over the next few weeks and months Verbannon spent almost every waking and sleeping moment with the sphere. Teaching it and being taught by it. He felt his influence on the sphere growing the whole time. Ansekin seemed apprehensive of what he was doing, telling Verbannon that their only goal should be to remove the threat the godling poses, not to actually try to use it. That Verbannon was taking too much risk. Cowardly speech that Verbannon dismissed. Verbannon told Ansekin that this was an opportunity he would not throw away and that he was committed to see this through to the end and would do anything to insure success.”

During these weeks he also secretly gathered the remaining members of the cult and told them what they needed to do to truly help the sphere. And he caught wind of talk of driving Verbannon from the sphere should the sphere start doing anything. And so in response to these rumors the next time Trillet showed up, Verbannon asked Trillet whose side Trillet would take. The side of his teacher or the side of Ansekin and Saqira. Trillet was really nervous in response to this question and said he would say out of it would it come to that. And try not to take a side. Verbannon accepted that answer.

Later a letter came from Belanos, informing Verbannon that Belanos wanted to plan a way to destroy the sphere in a week. Verbannon sent a message back telling Belanos that he would protect the sphere at any costs.

A week passed and Verbannon planned his defense. Then Ansekin, Saqira, Jimi and Trillet began to show up around the sphere. Verbannon knew what they were here to do and he felt the sphere did as well. Then under his hand he felt the sphere lurch, in response to what he did not know, but something was attacking, from afar Immediately both him and the Godling looked at the four here and suspected them. The sphere spoke aloud for all to hear telling them to go away! That they were liars and it did not trust them. A chorus Verbannon agreed with and shouted at them to do.

They refused and instead started whining about how it wasn’t their fault, they didn’t mean to and it was Alzar’s fault. Pointless idiocy. Verbannon felt the sphere lurch again and it started to crack open. Then Verbannon sensed something that sent chills to his heart. The sphere sensed they had come to kill it, and was ready to die. Verbannon knew it was now or never and signaled the remaining cult members to attack in defense of the sphere. Though they weren’t meant to succeed. They came with one purpose, to preserve the life of the sphere, and when they died their purpose would be absorbed by the sphere and in doing so the Godling would gain its sense of self-preservation.

The plan worked perfectly. Verbannon felt the sphere gain a desire for its own life and also felt it gain a fear of those in front of it. The Godling shot out of the sphere and into the sky But Verbannon knew it would be back, because Verbannon had told it to come back and gain its name, its purpose. But Verbannon also knew these four fools here would try to kill it so he told them to leave, that he was going to give the Godling his own life and In doing so fulfill its desire for a purpose. That there was no need for them to kill or to at least give him a chance. Verbannon begged them as he felt it return. But they ignored him. And with the Godling upon them, Verbannon was out of time, he had to protect the Godling. He had to protect his opportunity. Attacked Ansekin, And Saqira, assuming at least Trillet would stay out of the fight, like Trillet had said he would before, and he was unsure about Jimi. However all four raised their arms against him and Verbannon was cast down and the Godling destroyed.
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Event 10: The Fall of Asgard

Verbannon crouches low and examines the ground.
“I believe we have found the Turrosque’s tracks.”
Trillet, a vibrant Half-Elf that Verbannon Trained asks, “Are you sure?”
Verbannon nods, the moon light glinting off of his visor, “Indeed. Either that or meteors have been striking the ground here in a very peculiar pattern.”

Verbannon motions around to the large four foot deep crater he is standing in in the shape of a footprint and its identical siblings leading into the swamp.

None of those with him even so much as chuckle. They stand upon the island of Laerad, in the cursed Godlands seeking the Turrosque, the Primordial Abomination, tasked with the destruction of creation. In the eternally scarred godlands peering over its wretched swamp.
Verbannon shrugs his shoulders and enters the swamp and is followed by everyone. Verbannon knows his way through the swamp extremely well and his able to keep his sense of direction I spite of the swamps tendency to disorient people and break up parties. But the others aren’t and this slows the party. They can see the Turrosque in the distance but because of the treacherous footing in the swamp they never seem to be able to close the distance.

Eventually they see the Turrosque turn northwards towards the city of Asgard. The rest of the party gets worried about the city but Verbannon remains calm convinced that the city’s artillery should be able to keep the Turrosque at Bay. He was wrong.

Upon reaching the city they see the whole in ruins with the Turrosque rampaging unopposed. Whilethe others try to help evacuate the city Verbannon seeks out what remains if the military to find out exactly what happens. What he discovers irritates him. For some inexplicable reason the officers had ordered the artillery amassed rather than staggered making them easy targets and no attempts had been made to use siege towers or to scale the beast. In other words they had known about the beast for weeks and had prepared no strategy for fighting it. Just many wasted lives.

As the city was near complete in its evacuation a couple of men, that seemed more of nature then mortal kind appeared and said that they were Druids and wanted to help fight the Turrosque. And anyone that wanted to help should meet them later.

Well Later came and wizened Grand Arch Druid of the Circle declared he had a spell that could put the Turrosque to sleep. And he needed a number of things including a Candle blessed in the name of a great fallen warrior. Verbannon volunteered for this task. And after an epic battle with a hive of bees that shall be sung about in the annals of history for the next million years was able to secure a proper candle. Taking this to his Temple he had it blessed in the name of all of the Asgard soldiers that died fighting the Turrosque so their deaths would not be completely in vain.

“There should be at least one or two of them that qualify as ‘great warriors’.”

Verbannon took this candle to the Circle and the spell was cast enchanting a sword which would be wielded by one of the other Adventurers.

Soon the battle with the Turrosque proper was engaged. And it was a rather underwhelming event. Those with spells kept its attention at range blasting it in the head and torso with powerful magicks, scorched and frozen flesh blasted off and rained upon the adventerers in size large enough to pose its own threat. While the warriors tried to get close enough to thrust the magicked sword into its hide. Once this was done they simply cut nto its tail and feet wherever they could until it feel back to its slumber.

Though Verbannon did not participate in this with the intentions of the others. Verbannon saw in this an opportunity unlike any other and had drawn a whip called “The Demon Snare’, that bound outsiders to the wielder and while the spellslingers slung spells of might and the warriors cut deep into its flesh with their weapons. Verbannon was wrestling with a single black tendril that was buried deep in the Turrosque’s chest.
The Weaker the Turrosque got from the attacks of the others the more of its spirit was Verbannon able to drag down to him. Until finally just as the Turrosque fell back to the swamp, Verbannon tore one final large chunk of its being from it and bound that to his body. The others cheered as Silvanius returned Verbannon cheered at his own personal success and inwardly mocked these fools. They had won only the smallest of victories here and only after a terrible defeat. And Silvanius’s return isn’t good for anyone.
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Event 11: Unexpected Consequences
A demon stood within the City od Shadow and sneered at Verbannon, “So you boast that you can rule demons with your puny whip? Ha ha ha! You have insulted my Lord and if you wish to save this city from destruction then bow before me.”

Verbannon thought to himself, “Well this is disappointing. I was hoping to attract the attention of some angels for me to bind not more demons.”

Verbannon spoke rudely to the Demon, “That isn’t what I said but I doubt you care. But lets see how powerful this whip actually is.”

Tendrils of Shadow shot from Verbannon attempting to bind the demon. But to no Avail and with no effort on its part at all Verbannon was defeated.

The demon sneered “Now Bow! Are you truly willing to let this city suffer for your foolish Pride?”
Verbannon thought to himself, “Yes I am actually. I don’t Bow to even my own God I’m not going to bow to this demon. In addition Bowing would only validate the demon’s abhorrent and dishonorable methods.”

Verbannon replied, “How about I just give up the demon snare?”

The Demon laughed “What do we care about that petty toy? This is to teach you a lesson!”

Verbannon then said, “You can forget about me bowing so just kill me.”

The Demon turned to the other adventurers that were watching, “If any of you care about this city YOU kill him. And bring him before me.”

The adventurers started arguing amongst themselves and Verbannon stood in uncertainty as to what his course of action should be. Thankfully Pangretor, A Talosian, wasn’t near as undecided. He Struck Verbannon down like the Demon requested, ending the Crisis and afterwards Verbannon was revived.

However the damage was done. Tempus’s reputation in Shadow suffered and Verbannon soon suffered some severe discipline from his temple. He was placed directly under a real mean Red Knight Woman named Worill as a result of this who kept tabs on his every move.
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Event 12: A matter of destruction

Verbannon was sitting at a table at the horse races of the exchange listening to the races, Verbannon chuckles and another win for Locar, The Tempusian Jockey representing Tempus in the Horse Races. Suddenly there is a firey explosion in front of him, obliterating many of the patrons instantly and throwing Verbannon hard against the far wall. His armor protects him from shrapnel and most of the concussive force. Dropping off the wall onto his feet Verbannon looks up and sees the Talosian sorcerer Pangretor the Calm strolling in throwing lightning at everyone he sees. Spying Verbannon still alive Pangretor sneers and sends a bolt straight for Verbannon.

Verbannon teleports away at the last moment appearing outside of Shadow. Downing some potions as he enters the city, Verbannon begins casting his defensive spells hoping that being close to Shadow will give Pangretor pause until he finishes. Verbannon was almost right as he almost finished casting whwn Pangretor showed up and started blasting away. A hailstorm of lightning and meteors rained down upon Verbannon, Verbannon reacted by wildly yanking at the threads of the weave causing the meteors and lightning to miss him and strike the walls of the city instead raining debris.

Verbannom now ran fast towards Pangretor whipping two fingers towards him and firing off a powerful disintegration beam. Pangretor leaped out of the way rolling back to his feet as the beam turned part of a guard tower into dust.

Verbannon now reached Pangretor and began raining down blows upon Pangretor with his gauntleted fists bloodying his face as Verbannon’s powerful abjurations ripped every magical defense Pangretor had on him to shreds . Pangretor raised his arms to block and shouted out an incantation that began to rain ice down upon the city like sleet. By now the guards of the city had retreated into their barracks to wait out the dueling mages. Verbannon raises his armored arms up to ward off the ice while Pangretor put some space inbetween them. Verbannon chased Pangretor through the outerwalls casting more beams of disintegration upon Pangretor while Pangretor returned with mighty bursts of lightning. Finally one struck Pangretor directly causing sections of his flesh to burst open like a popped balloon spraying blood. Verbannon used the last bits of his strength to drink some more potions and leaped up a guard tower. Verbannon went to follow but was sent to the ground by a swarm of meteors Pangretor summoned forth.

Now Bruised and blooded on theground Pangretor stood up in the tower and laughing maniacally began preparing to cast another down pouring of lightning and meteors upon Verbannon. Rolling to his back Verbannon saw what was about to happen and shouted his own spell in return just a Pangretor finished his.Pangretor pointed his hands down at Verbannon and expected lightning and meteors to come forth and destroy him but instead his spell went awry thanks to Verbannon’s last minute abjuration and struck the guard tower he was in, sending it crashing down upon his head. The tower and Pangretor came down upon Verbannon as well and they were both buried.

Beneath the rubble Pangretor and Verbannon still struggled with each other, Verbannon was trying to strangle pangretor with his whip while about a few thousand pounds of rubble resting on his back, help up only by the strength of his mythril reinforced hardened leather. However Pangretor, having none of that, reached up and clawing at Verbannon’s visor knocked it open and fired one last bolt of lightning…

Verbannon felt cold very cold as he awoke and saw his body bound by chains and heavy weights. Looking up he saw Pangretor’s evilly smiling face and before casting Verbannon into the icy deaths from which he would never be found said but one thing “There can only be one God of destruction” Verbannon’s only thought as he both drowned and froze to death was “That is what this was all about?”

… As Verbannon’s soul drifted in empty nothingness awaiting judgment a nagging voice began to pester him asking him questions. Verbannon just wanted it to leave him alone but felt compelled to answer

“What happened? Where are you? What do you last remember?”
Verbannon answered the best he cold but the answer s were just so distant “Pangretor… destruction… Cold, cold and wet…”

Suddenly Verbannon woke up spitting up water and looked around. Trillet, Raveena and a few others he knew sat were around him. As Verbannon struggled to remember and he talked with the others, Verbannon knew this wasn’t over. But next time he was promised he wouldn’t be caught at the unawares.

Verbannon peered down at Pangretor from the Daggerdale forest. Pangretor himself was eying the dwarven mining town of Kinaro. A small army of creatures before him preparing for what looked to be an assault.

Verbannon had his own force of summoned monsters at his disposal and realized that his own timin couldn’t be more perfect. He was going to deal with his ‘Talosian’ issue. Taking up his weapon Verbannon grasped at the weave the bound Pangretor’s creatures to him and the weave wrapped around Pangretor himself and pulling on them stripped Pangretor of both his creaures who all vanished in an instant and Pangretor’s creatures. Turning around Pangretor looked up at Verbannon in dull surprise and tried to flee into the city of Kinaro but a well placed disintegration beam carved carved a channel in front of Pangretor blocking his escape. Caught in a trap Pangretor turned and struck at Verbannon with a swarm of meteors, slaying every creature aiding Verbannon outright. Clearly this battle would be mono a mono.

It began simply enough with each casting the most powerful spells as the dwarves in the town gathered around, started placing bets and bringing out ale so as to watch the battle. However shortly into the engagement before anything of note could occur, Both Verbannon and Pangretor rached into their component bags for more components only to find the bags missing. Verbannon thought he saw someone ebony fleeing but couldn’t do anything about it as Pangretor began to rsot to componentless spells.
Verbannon however had a backup-up bag at hand and as he pulled it out he could see Pangretor’s eyes go wide as he realized this battle was lost. And he was right.

Down in an abandoned guild hall Verbannon dragged Pangretor here components and equipment were already set up for some sort of ritual. Dropping Pangretor down into a magic circle Pangretor ripped Pangretor’s robe intwain revealing his bare chest and picking up an already prepared herbal solution applied it to Pangretor’s chest numbing the flesh considerably.
Then while Pangretor looked on in confusion Verbannon took a sharp knife and pricked his blood spilling it into a bowl filled with salt, stirring these contents, Verbannon began muttering a series of incantations.Verbannon coated the dagger’s tip in the paste of blood and salt and after accomplishing this began carving a large magic seal upon Pangretor’s chest, dispite the numbing agent, Pangretor still screamed as his blood pooled on the floor. As Verbannon finished the seal flares up with fire and all, searing the seal permanently into Pangretor’s flesh.
When this is done Verbannon explains to a confused Pangretor, “I just sealed all of your most powerful magic. If you wish to ever regain that magic there are some things I need you to do for me first…”
PM me in the forum here when you want me on to RP or dungeon dive. The forum will automatically notify me by e-mail. Then my e-mail will send me a text message. Then I will get on likely within minutes.
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Verbannon’s Path to Magehood

Verbannon thrust his spear into a dying orc, a mercy blow. His fellow Tempusians, the priests and warriors whom he guided through these wildlands stood over the cowed orc chief, who himself sat wounded in his makeshift throne of skulls and bones. The Priests spoke to the chief of honor, professionalism and the benefits of Tempus’s favor. The throng of dead and soon to be dead orcs that littered the ground, their evidence. And when they were finished they left. Ranger Verbannon leading the way perhaps to another band of orcs, maybe some other dark race, perhaps to a city of men, maybe even to the fair folk. Regardless, they weren’t likely to receive a warm welcome.

Through all of this Verbannon learned from the Priests he was with, of other religions, of Tempus, of the State of the world and the risks therein. Especially of the last. Beyond this world were others and other planes upon which great forces that were rivaled only by the mightiest of Dragons lay waiting to prey upon their world. These forces were kept at bay only by the Gods, thus upon the gods all mortal creatures were indebted to and relied upon for our continual survival. Yet some of these threats were so powerful that were they to turn their attention upon mortal kind, even the Gods might fail to protect us. Hell and the Abyss were two, who only by thanks of their war against each other was mortalkind left somewhat alone.

This disturbed Verbannon greatly. To Verbannon these words meant that mortal kind was weak . Far too weak. This plagued his mind daily until finally he had an epiphany. Mortalkind was weak, but they could become strong. Verbannon got the blessinfgs of his faith and embarked his new mission and travelled to the region of Shadow, learning the skills of a trainer along his way, mastering a multitude of weapons., skills and knowledge For years he spent in Shadow just learning his craft. And has he did he taught, he sought to teach all, the ways of war. Start with the weakest, teach them to be strong. And perhaps one day mortalkind would be strong enough to survive.

But this was not enough, demons, devils, magi and priests wielded craft that defied the warrior’s steel. A Drow Mage named Vic was one of the first that showed him his own inadequacy. Vic allowed him to live, so Verbannon began his studies into magic. Seeking out weaknesses his weapons and armor could exploit. And he found them, yes he did find them. They were many, all he learned to exploit. But as he studied the weaknesses of magic his skills with weapons began to slowly deteriorate. He presumed it was an expected side effect of learning to use so many weapons thus he thought nothing of it.

He continued to train those who would accept in the ways of Tempusian warfare while he studied. He became powerful against spellcasters but weak against any other. For a long time he remained as such. His study of the weaknesses of magic were known by another name in the circles of magi, Abjuration. And as he studied the Abjuration, the secrets of magic slowly became unlocked. He learned some small basic spells and his warrior skills fell ever further to the wayside.

Then one day he met a Godling. He spent weeks in commune, teaching this Godling. Protecting this Godling almost Oblivious to his surrounding and as he taught it. Something new flaired in his heart. ‘Ambition’. A Godling taught from him would have the power to do whatever he willed. His goals, of a stronger mortalkind could happen in his lifetime. And this Godling was his key. But then fools came and fearing what the Godling might do attacked it, attacked him. He tried to protect it, but alone he was no match.

And all he was left with was this new feeling. This ‘ambition’. He left Shadow to the continent of Danger. Seeking to regain his old purpose, seeking to eradicate this ‘ambition’. But no it only grew stronger. And when he returned to the Shadow region in his heart he knew what he must do. He must forsake the sword and take up the book completely. Only with the power of the weave would he be able to accomplish his desires, his ambitions.

And so Verbannon earned, he learned hard and he learned much. The secrets of Abjuration, the secrets of protection. It was slow and seemingly a dead end, but then a miracle happen in Daggerdale, he was shown the weave. With his eyes he could see it, and it was amazing. Indescribably but he saw it and when he saw it, he saw how powerful it was but more importantly, how vulnerable it was.

He knew that all used the weave for their magic, from the Gods to the Devils to the Demons. Without the weave they could not use their magic and without their magic, they were no threat. Verbannon’s ambition grew again. As the beginnings of the most powerful Abjurations the world had ever seen entered his mind. He would create spells that would do this, Abjurations to Abjure the Power of the mightiest beings! To bring their most powerful spells to naught! And then, and then he would teach these spells to everyone.

And finally Mortalkind would be strong. The Gods would become obsolete as mortals became the new Gods of their fates. We could finally protect ourselves. Let all the wrath of hell and the Abyss pour out upon for against my abjurations they would be but pebbles throne against a mighty tower.
PM me in the forum here when you want me on to RP or dungeon dive. The forum will automatically notify me by e-mail. Then my e-mail will send me a text message. Then I will get on likely within minutes.
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This is an image of Verbannon I drew using all the skills I gained trying to draw monsters, maps, mazes and puzzles so the players I was DMing had a clue of what I was talking about. So not very good, but the bug to draw this bit me and I had to obey.
PM me in the forum here when you want me on to RP or dungeon dive. The forum will automatically notify me by e-mail. Then my e-mail will send me a text message. Then I will get on likely within minutes.
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