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Discourse on the Use of Magic Missile, by Heydan Seegil

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:20 am    Post subject: Discourse on the Use of Magic Missile, by Heydan Seegil Reply with quote

Discourse on the Use of Magic Missile
By: Heydan Seegil

Known as a cantrip spell Magic Missile is the base of most young Mageís attack spells. In this essay I shall disclose a great deal of information about the spell as to guide young readers in successful casting and proper use as well as provide more information into the inner workings of the spell itself.

First, I should cover what exactly a Cantrip is. The term is often used for the easier spells and is a general term for the spells for those just beginning their education in spell craft. The cantrips may not be the oldest spells, but most of them are quite old or developed out of stronger spells and made much weaker and easier to cast by powerful mages some time ago. Normally the Weave can be strained or unbalanced through powerful castings, but luckily the minor magic of cantrips does not affect the Weave in such a menacing manner and so even the staunch clerics of Mystra will look the other way while one if constantly casting a cantrip.

Coming from the school of Evocation Magic Missile becomes more powerful as the wielder of this magic progresses and becomes more confident with their casting. A simple twist of the hand and the utterance of the incantation will send a series of forceful bolts from the casterís hand at and enemy they should chose. Every caster has a different approach to how they prefer to cast Magic Missile. Some curl their middle, ring, and little finger while extending the index and thumb outward in the shape of an ďLĒ and then shoot multiple missiles from the tip of the index finger while pointing it at the target. Others may simply toss each missile from their palm. I personally prefer to cast them from each of my five finger tips all at once and aim my entire hand at my target. The choice depends entirely upon the caster as with most magic at this level it is all about what feels the most comfortable.

As I mentioned earlier the spell is one that grows with the caster. When one starts with the spell they will one fire one missile at a time, but after only a short time they will find themselves shooting up to five with ease. This is mainly due to the fact that it is a cantrip and easy to cast and progress with which frees up mental capacity to call from the Weave multiple missiles at a time. Each missile will jet forth as a brilliant bolt of force and strike the target independently. So do not become alarmed if one or two hit whereas one flies off someplace else for a while and then hits. The accuracy of this spell is completely dependent on the casterís mental competence and ability to focus on the target. Once focus is broken the missiles will fly off and strike anything at random in the direction they were heading when last focused.

Although a minor spell the ranger of each missile is quite far at one hundred feet or more depending on the casterís ability and comfort with the spell. The Mageís Tower in Tabor aided me in discovering the maximum range by setting up a target and having multiple Mageís of a wide range of skill and schools cast toward it at different distances. The furthest was five hundred feet by an Archmage, but after discussing it with him he swore that the spell could in theory travel much further, but that the distance between each missile can never be greater than fifteen feet apart.

When it comes to the victims of this spell there is only bad news as the missiles travel too fast for any mortal to hope of dodging and the spell deals direct damage, so mental ability to resist the spell will not help. Nor do Magic Missiles do any lasting damage and so resisting the effect is impossible as the wounding is instantaneous much like the bite of a dagger. However there is still a little good news as the spell can be resisted by those trained to resist magic or my magical means.

(A rather elaborate sketch of a Mage casting a number of Magic Missiles at a target some distance away.)
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