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Verbannon's Extended History
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PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2014 2:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

(Note: My recollection of specific details is always vague so I usually avoid details as much as I can, at least in reference to other player's characters. But I feel that has left my writing super dry so umm I'm changing that. But remember I suck at remembering details so umm the following may not be perfect.)
The Necklace of Ages
It all started at the Board in Seneca, that resides in a building that offers no other services. Though a long forgotten 'Coming Soon" sign advertising future construction still remains there. Its promise always to be unfulfilled. Verbannon walked in on Faen and some other guy, firbolg probably.

Anyway they were talking and Verbannon was passing through in front of the store. Distracted in his own thoughts he barely noticed the two. Deciding to be friendly, a skill he had worked long and hard at developing. Verbannon stopped in to say hello. The Probably Firbolg and Faen greeted him and Verbannon of course started in with the small talk.

Verbannon, "Nice weather, all sunny and bright, yet still rather cold."
Faen and the Firbolg "Yep."
Verbannon, "Cows are coming in.
"That cricket game between the Shadow Shadowians and Tonovi Rainbow Ponies should be good"
"So... How are you doing?"
"Waiting to sell some box and the Firbolg here a key to a woman named Filantra."
Curious now peaked after this completely casual and realistic exchange, Verbannon decides to sit and wait in a chair to see how it goes. Seconds turn into minutes, minutes into a few more minutes and then suddenly the endless monotony is broken by a pretty young woman entering, wearing practically no clothes, shivering and poking out in all the expected places.
Obviously all eyes except Verbannon's (Because he took an arrow in someplace more important then his knee.) turns towards her in a completely inapproapiate manner. The woman used to it, holds out her hands and says, "I am a dancer! A dancer! So what I'm wearing it completely approapiate attire and none of you stand any chance of getting lucky. Now that this is out of the way, hello. I am on break and would very much like to know what you are all doing here for no apparent reason beyond sincere curiosity."
Faen answers her saying, "Hello stranger I am standing here waiting for a woman named Filantra. To give her a box."
The Dancer exclaims, "Wow! That name reminds me of a legend of a three thousand year old tyrant jester woman with the same name! Here let me tell you the legend, this woman was evil and destroyed tons and tons of places and caused lots of death. But there is no way she could still be alive today, still you should probably be careful. Bye now, my break is over!"
Verbannon watched her leave, "You know, I'm sure everything that is happening is just a poorly explained coicidence. However just in case I will go do research on this Filantra woman."
Faen and the probably Firbolg say, "Good idea."
Verbannon heads over to the local wizard's tower in Seneca, who redirect him to the library, who redirect him to Shadow's wizard's guild, who redirect him to Asgards ex-newspaper boy, who redirects him to the old man on the hill, who points down to Jack and Jill, who tell him to get lost they are having a private moment! So Verbannon decides to just go check out Oghma's temple instead.
There finally he meets another woman, this one tells him the same stories as the dancer just in more details. That every legend that Filanatra appears in, usually involved much destruction occuring. And that Filantra was known to collect powerful and dangerous artifacts, like a painting she would use to imprison her lovers. And the box itself was associated with a number of cities being destroyed.
Verbannon realized at this that this Filantra must have been the jester witch in the painting he had entered in before. As a short recap there was some painting a girl that had been trapped in there for three hundred years escaped from. Inside the painting that they entered for reasons forgotten, were a bunch of other people including two young boys. Who are important because even after Verbannon said some of the weaker members of the party should stay and free them. As soon as he moved forward everyone moved with and those Boys died when Filantra was defeated and the curse on the painting broken.
Anyway Verbannon returned to Faen and the firbolg relaying them what he heard. Then Verbannon said
"Probably best you don't give that box to that Jester woman"
To which Faen replied with a shrug, "I'm Mystran."
Verbannon nodded reply, "Right, Probably best you don't give that box to that Jester woman.
Faen said, "I don't really care what she does with the box as long as I get a good trade for it. Besides its not even magical. I checked it
Verbannon stared for a second at Faen, "Right Like Mystra doesn't care about how powerful and potentially dangerous artifacts are used."
"Nope, she doesn't."
Verbannon kind of stared at Faen for a bit.
Verbannon continued staring until A jeser Woman walked in. She was Filantra.
She said, "Who has my box!? I want it now! Its mine!"
Faen said, "I do. And I want something in return for it."
Filantra said "Oh yeah well-"
The arguing coninued for like forever and Verbannon dozed off.
Finally Faen handed an amulet to Filantra saying, "Enchant this and I'll give you the amulet."
Filantra took the Amulet and said "Fine, I'll be back! Another day."
Then she walked off. Verbannon returned to his lab.
Later Verbannon heard both the key and box were given to Filantra. Verbannon didn't think much of it though when he questioned what happened out of curiosity. Faen told Verbannon he should mind his own business, repeatably.
Anyway at a later date Verbannon was contacted by someone asking him to come help somebody with a curse. Arriving he saw Filantra, a few adventurers and two other people he would soon learn were named Vivienne and Ryodan.
Ryodan told Verbannon that a long time ago he was embroiled in a love triangle with Filantra and Vivienne. He and Vivienne had decidedt o extend their lives forever with the help of one of Filantra's artifacts. Filantra not wanting to lose Ryodan, forced herself into the spell as it was cast causing all three to be bound together forever in time. Their souls merged so that each felt everything the other two felt. Now really tired of that Ryodan and and Vivienne wanted to be out of the necklace's spell, Filantra was indifferent. So Ryodan gave the necklace, within a sack that shielded the world from its destructive power.
Verbannon wasn't really listening to anything said chalking it all up to, "Yada yada, love triangle, eternal life, unappy, want mortality." But payed more attention once he was handed the necklace. Clearly owerful and dangerous he couldn't wait to get it back to the lab. Nodding absently as Ryodan droned on eventually Ryoden ended saying
"We'll send you more information about the necklace itself later."
Finally Verbannon could get it back to his lab and he did. And locking himself in he spent all of his time, studying this amazing necklace. He didn't even notice at first that ryodan and Vivian had never contacted him. Though he eventually contacted a few people to go see what happened to them.
In the mean time he learned that the necklace was forged out of primordial chaos. The magic of creation. It reshaped its surroundings filling everything with a self-destructive life. It seemed likely that this is how the three stayed immortal. The necklace was bound to their souls, its power flowing through them in a small controlled amount. Anytime any part of them died, the magic gave it a new life, not so much reanimating it so much as fully recreating it from scratch. A spell on them kept the magic from turning them into monsters.
If unchecked the necklace would do the same to everything around it, creating chaotic bew life out of literally everything. Mundane objects, clothes, the ground, walls, even thoughts themselves. Though it was drawn to the more chaotic and destructive thoughts around it, preferring to animate them. Verbannon spent some time seeing if there was anyway to actually use this power constructively. The answer was no, no there was not. It would require such a multitude of spells to control the power that just about any other method of building an army would be more effecient.
Anyway eventually he made contact with Mystra's temple for some information. They told him that they had information and wanted him to bring that necklace to them right asap. Deciding he might as well, Verbannon started wrapping up his experiments and informed his friends on the outside he was about to turn ove rthe necklace to Mystra.
One of his friend, a Sylvan elf named Daerah told him that first she wanted to talk to him about the necklace. And to meet her in the garden south of Shadow. Verbannon got the feeling that something was very wrong with this and on impulse prepared all of his battle spells, and even summoned an invisible elemental to protect him and the necklace, and walked in to meet Derah fully armed. When Daerah, who was waiting with Trillet, asked him why he was prepared for battle. Lacking a good reason, Verbannon sheathed his weapon.
Then Daerah blurted out, "Can I see that necklace, please oh please oh please pretty please!?"
Verbannon raised an eyebrow and peered at her through his visor saying, "No. Its too dangerous to even take it out of its sack. Sorry."
Daerah nods, "Oh I understand. Well you see uh... I don't think you should hand the necklace over to those weaveheads. They'll just mess things up, why not give it to Filantra? How do you know those weaveheads can handle it?"
Verbannon sighs, "Those weaveheads have a lot of experience with these kinds of things and seem to have some information on it. And Filantra is evil, ask Trillet. She had her own private prison within a painting. That even resulted in the deaths of two children before our eyes."
Trillet raises his hands, "Hey! Leave me out of this!"
Verbannon sighs saying, "Anyway if thats it, I best be going now."
Daerah nodded and waved goodbye, as Verbannon lifted his spell book to cast the teleporation spell and reflexivly reached for the glowing sack on his belt that kept the powers of the necklace in check. and it wasn't there.
Sighing Verbannon said, "Daerah give it back."
Daerah then vanished. And Verbannon started panicking.
Trillet contacted Daerah telepathically while Verbannon paced nervously. Unable to scry Daerah long enough to teleport to her probably because of some protection against scrying scrolls she bought off of him. Frustrated at himself for the irony of her using his own Abjuration against him. Verbannon could do naught but shout at trillet to relay all the possible horrible things that could happen if she doesn't return the necklace. Then after that he started making things up
"Tell her if its out too long her hair could start singing bad pop music!"
"And she'll get all hairy all over!"
"She'll also get pregnant ankles!"
Eventually Trillet said, "Daerah says if you promise not to hurt or punish her in any way she'll return the necklace."
Verbannon pauses for a second, then another and another as he mulls this over and then nods emphatically, "Yes yes! Anything! But wait, he didnt put it on did she?"
Trillet then says"Alright she is coming and no she didn't."
Verbannon had a thought, "And make sure she brings me the real one, not the fake she is planning to trick me into taking."
Trillet looked at him quizzacally and nodded, "relayed, she seemed dissapointed."
And after a few moments she did, she handed the sack with the necklace to Verbannon. Verbannon takes it out, as he does the gardenm instantly comes alive, literally. After being satisfied its real he puts it back in the sack and the garden goes back to normal.
Then dispelling the invisibility spell on his elemental, Verbannon curses it for its incompetency then sends it back to its plane. Then teleports straight to his lab leaving Daerah and Trillet a little stunned at his anger.
Once in his lab Verbannon sits in his easy chair trying to calm down. He decides that he will take the necklace to Mystra. Even the countless spirits that whirled around his lab were quiet, sensing his unusually foul mood. Finally after what seemed like an eternity Verbannon stood up. And turned around.
Every other non-magical unwarded object in his laboratory was up and moving around. His chemical beakers had grownbat like wings and razor sharp beaks, his plates and bowls had merged with the silverwear , now having spoons as legs and forks as arms and all were wielding knives. The pages of his books were flipping rapidly and creatures and spells written about withint he pages were trying to crawl out of the books. Even his furniture was moving. As soon as he stood up this makeshift army surged towards him.
Looking down at his side he saw that the sack with the necklace was withering. Figuring it was Daerah's fault he at first got angry at her, then started laughingdrawing his spear. Its impossible to stay mad in a battle after all. Verbannon shouted "Outsiders! Form ranks!"
A swirl of shadows and colors that made his cieling centered over him, and started coalescing into transparent forms. Shadows, Fey, Elementals, creatures of chaos, law, good, and all nuetrality and many others, from any plane Verbannon found a link to within this realm formed before him. Then Verbannon and his small army braced as the lab monsters charged.
The fighting, actually wasn't that hard. The lab monsters could be rendered inert with almost any dispel and they couldn't hurt the outsiders at all. Afteran hour or so of fuighting Verbannon decided to just focus on creating a new container for the necklace. All day and nigth he poured through the research he had done on the sack, his outsiders keeping the lab monsters at bay, helped on occassion by a mass dispell. Each outsider dimensionally anchored making them immune to his dispells.
While he did this messages kept coming in from his contacts in Tempus's intelligence network, mostly Pera. Telling him that it seems before Daerah had stolen the necklace, she had spoen with Filantra and agreed to do a task for her." Verbannon thought to himself, "Figures. Probably told Daerah to sabatage this somehow just to cause some death and destruction. Maybe charmed Daerah with a mind altering song."
As time went on the necklace's power grew stronger. Eventually the minor wards began to fail and the objects they warded came alive. Verbannon even started feeling a tugging on his own thoughts. The necklace trying to draw chaotic thoughts to the front of his mind, so it would have something to animate them. Finally Verbannon pieced together plans to make a void jar, modeled after the sack that originally contained the necklace. But much more powerful.
But as soon as he was done concentrating on the research, his lapse in concentretion created a window for the necklace to invade his thoughts. Scattering them around his head like a tornado. Confusing him and it even managed to summon a couple foul beasts from his memories. Eventually Verbannon was able to recollect his thoughts and slay these beasts. But his concentretion was shot now, every ounce of energy was being used to keep the Necklace from turning his thoughts into an army of dire beasts ten monsters deep.
Contacting Chume, Lady of the Broken Sword, his Priestly contact in the Temple of Tempus. He asked her to contact Raveena. Upon contacting Raveena, Chume relayed a message to Raveena asking her to get him a ring of the void from the silver gnome delivering it to a fire elemental that would be waiting at the crossroads west of shadow.
Raveena in her typical snappish attitude of late said, "Fine, but he owes me for this!"
Verbannon contacted one of the air elementals that guarded his Bunker Laboratory from the outside and sent it to retrieve the ring. It did. However getting it in the lab would be difficult. The air elementals, girded with arms and armor arranged themselves in ranks in front of the bunker enterance. And when the trapdoor of the bunker was opened, the elemental with the ring, the only one without armor, blew itself in the door. Before shutting it again. Any lab monsters that escaped the lab while the hatch was openned were destroyed by thecontingent of air elementals as well as any boulders or trees animated by the energy that escaped the bunker hatch.
Verbannon took the ring and focusing his toughts entirely on "Build a Void jar to seal the necklace in" put the ring on. And suddenly, that was all he could think about. Absolutely nothing else. Just as planned. Threat of mental intrusion by the necklace now over, Verbannon responded to Raveena's telepathic hails.
Raveena asked, "You know you owe me. For that. Now what are you doing."
Verbannon replied, "Daerah betrayed me and either weakened the Void Sack that held the necklace of ages or increased the power of the necklace of ages. Either way I need to make a void Jar to contain the necklace. This ring of the Void you got me will help protect my mind from its effects. Meanwhile Ineed you to get some components for me."
Raveena sighed saying "Of course she did and of course you do. Fine, fine what are they?"
Verbannon said, "Enough living stone to form the jar, living stone will be immune to animation by the necklace due to already being alive. And technically animate. I need five fragments of peaceful dreams, they will absorb any residual energy that escapes the void jar, giving the necklace only peaceful harmless things to animate. And Lastly to directly counter the power of the necklace, I need some essence of the Void. "
Raveena sayed, "You're kidding right? How am I supposed to find all of that."
Verbannon was about to answer Raveena when Trillet contacted Verbannon saying "Hey Verbannon, you awake?"
Verbannon answered, "Yes I am and I am currently busy battling my lab and trying to reseal the Necklace of Ages."
Trillet said, "Oh thats great. Anyway Daerah has gone crazy, she seems to be addicted to the necklace and wants it back. She apparently has been in contact with Filantra who is telling Daerah to get it from you as well."
Verbannon replied, "I see, that makes a lot of sense. Daerah must have put on the necklace, and now the necklace isdrawing extra power from her. Allowing it to overcome the sack. Though I thought you told me she 'didn't' put it on. "
Trillet said, "I guess she lied."
Verbannon replied I see, "Hmm mind helping me gather the components I need to reseal this jar? You'll have to work with Raveena, I know you two hate each other now. But I trust you two could work together professionally?"
Trillet said, "Yeah sure what do you need?"
Verbannon didn't reply right away and instead focused on Raveena,"You don't have to worry about getting the Void Essence. I think I found a source from somebody else."
Raveena said, "Yeah, great! Who?"
Verbannon turned back to Trillet, "Living stone and five fragments of a peaceful dream. Also I'll need a piece of your soul."
Trillet said, "Oh living stone? eAsy. Dream Fragments? Again, sure. A piece of my soul? No probl- WAIT! My soul!? Why does it have to be MY SOUL! Why not your soul!"
Verbannon replied "It has to be your soul. I need void essence and your soul is the only soul I know so ravaged by despair, shadow and apathy."
Trillet said, "Umm well I'll have to think about it while helping Raveenaget the rest of the components, Kay?"
Verbannon replied "fine" then turned back to raveena, "Trillet will be helping you gather the components, and his soul will be our source of void essence. I know you hate each other but I trus you can be professional?"
Raveena said, "What? Oh yeah sure."
Verbannon said, "Good."
Eventually Trillet and Raveena gathered the components, presumembly after a lot of silly nonsensical arguments and Verbannon portaled them to his lab. Once inside Trillet and Raveena reacted to the battle within his lab with, complete and utter apathy.
Raveena walked in behind trillet, holding a small pouch with the crystalized dream fragments, "You know Verbannon, this lab is awful. You should burn it."
Trillet said, "Yeah, anyway here are the components. Lets get it over with."
Verbannon raised his hands, blsting the lab with a greater dispell ceasing the fighting for a period. And took the ingredients. He first began speaking to the living stone commanding it to shape itself into a jar. Halfway through this process the lab started stirring again. Meanwhile Raveena and Trillet Critiqued Verbannon's actions and lab.
When Verbannon finished the jar he started pressing the fragments into the jar's side, whispering a spell over each one, stopping only to ask Raveena and Trillet, "You know this is really important right?"
Raveena and Trillet went, "Yeah, whatever."
"That a lot of people could die if I don't do this right?"
"Yeah whatever"
"That this necklace could turn your clothes and everything and even your thoughts alive right?"
"Yeah whatever"
"So could you two let me work and try thinking peaceful thoughts to make sure the necklace doesn't do anything bad with your thoughts?"
"Yeah whatever"
When Verbannon was done with the jar he cast dispel on a table and cleared it it off telling trillet, "Alright get on the table so I can extract the void essence from your soul."
Trillet said, "Yeah whatever"
Verbannon grabbed a fllying beaker out of the air, it going inert as soon as he touched it and picked up a magic wand. The wand was a wand was a magic scalpel of sorts. Concentrated abjurative energies capable of slicing through ethereal energies.
Verbannon started drawing some symbols on Trillet's chest with the wand saying "This will will hurt a bit but other then a temporary euphoria as I cut the deepest hopelessness and despair out of your soul. The parts closest to the void but it shouldn't have any long term effects as I'm pretty sure your soul is like 99% hopelessness and despair."
Trillet said, "Yeah whatever"
Raveena suddenly showed the first evidence of concern, "If you hurt him, I will kill you. This is your first and only warning. Not that I still love him or care about him or anything, just saying."
Verbannon nodded, "Right. Unless one of his other personalities decide to interfere we should befine."
Raveena said,"Yeah, whatever."
Trillet said, "No worries there, Echo is gone. For good."
Verbannon said,"Yeah, like I'll believe even for a moment he is the last consciounce hidden in there."
Verbannon starts working as the lab grows more and more violent. Verbannon starts to sense an outside force battering at the wards of his lab, but can't do anything about it. Probably Filantra trying to stop him.
Verbannon tells Trillet, "Okay, focus on your despair, your feeling of hopelessness. There is no hope. Evil is undefeatable. You're all alone, the only force fighting and even you are almost completely consumed by darkness. There is no point to it all, no reason to fight. No reason to even live. Death is not a true escape, you know this. It would bwe easiest to just, fade away and cease to exist."
Trillet says, "Get it over with before I get off this table and gut you."
Verbannon sighs and placing the beaker under his arm using his hand to draw Trillet's soul near the surface. It looks like he is wrestling with something. Drawing, stretching something, kneading something, focusing it. Trillet feels a strong discomfort followed by a sense that his despair was being drawn away. Then suddenly Verbannon swings the wand like a knife over Trillet, just as a force suddenly blasts Raveena against a wall.
Trillet leaps to his feet Verbannon forces something dark and shadowy into the beaker he was holding and Trillet draws his spear pointing it at Verbannon, "What happened to her!? Tell me! The woman I in no way loves is knocked out on the ground and you will tell me what happened to her or I will kill you for this completely rational reason!"
Verbannon is not fighting with a suddenly animated beaker filled with void essence trying to pour it into the void jar holding the Necklace of ages. Verbannon shouts, "I AM DEALING WITH SOMETHING SLIGHTLY MORE IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW!"
Finally as Trillet rushes over to help Rannaa Verbannon managed to pour the beaker into the jar and shut the lid. Instantly the whole lab grows still. Now picking up the wand from before Verbannon starts drawing runes and symbols on the jar chanting spells completing the ritual.
Raveena andTrillet stand up now shouting at Verbannon saying stuff like
"Verbannon! I am going to burn your lab! This whole place is a pit! Tell me what happened to Raveena! What happened to Trillet! "
Verbannon takes off the void ring then looks up glaringat Trillet and Raveena shouting, "What the hell is your problem people!? We have more important things to worry about! Now I need to get this jar to Mystra's temple."
Trillet shakes his head saying, "Fine I'll open a portal there."
Verbannon said, "Alright thank you. But we need to eave the lab first, its warded."
Raveena sighs, "I am going to destroy this whole place, I swear."
At Mystra's temple one of the sages adds enchatments to the jar to help protect it from damage and other things. And just as he opens a Vault, Daerah drops from the cieling grabbing the jar and racing out before anybody reacts. Quickly scrying her location, Verbannon notes that she went to a warded area deep underground beneath the Yuan-ti forest in which no spells can be cast.
Apparently Verbannon was the only one that knew the way there so he set off after her alone. Knowing he couldn't fight her he raced to catch up to her eventually stepping into the underground garden with her. Daerah was bashing the jar with rocks trying to get it open, her eyes crazed with need.
As soon as she saw Verbannon she picked up her bow and aimed it at Verbannon shouting, "I'll feather you! I will! I'll feather you!"
Verbannon helf out his empty hands saying, "I'm unarmed and my spells don't work. You know I am no threat to you, I just want to talk."
Daerah said, "No! Its mine! I need it! Its mine! Go away! Come any closer and I'll feather you!"
Verbannon said, "I won't come any closer, look Daerah that necklace is dangerous. It needs to be returned to Mystra's temple so it can be put somewhere safe."
Daerah said, "You're lying! Its not dangerous! Its mine!"
Verbannon shook his head, "It is dangerous, you open that and tens of thousands will die, the firests, the cities, everything. Its dangerous weave, you hate the weave, why do you want this?"
Daerah said, "You lie! Its not the weave! Its older then the weave! And its mine! Go away now or I'll feather you!"
Verbannon looks down and thinks for a moment, "It is older then the weave but it still draws on the weave greatly to affect this world?"
Daerah says "So does this bow! ITS MINE! " Daerah turns and shoos an arrow at the jar watching it ping off before restringing and aiming at Verbannon.
Verbannon sighs, "I could dramatically walk forward, force you to choose between our friendship and the necklace but I won't. We both know what will happen. You'll shoot me."
Daerah nods fervently, "Yes because its mine"
Verbannon chuckles coldly, "Oh you foolish twit. You think its yours? No, You are its."
Daerah is taken off guard by this and Verbannon looks up staring into Daerah's eyes,
"You'll shoot me because you won't have any choice but to shoot me. You've sold yourself to this necklace. You're a worthless FUCKING SLAVE!"
Daerah's eyes turned angry, "What did you call me!? No human calls me that again! EVER! I will never be a slave again! Not to a human not to anybody!"
Verbannon laughs at her mockingly, "So pathetic. No, you're not slave to a human. Not a slave to a Drow. Your a slave to a piece of jewelry."
Daerah starts to tear up at Verbannon's mockery and words shouting, "No I'm not! I'm not a slave! I'm free! Free I tell you! Free! I'll kill you" Daerah aims her bow at Verbannon's throat.
Verbannon snickers, lifting his visor, Giving his face to her,"Go ahead. Do as your master commands, kill me, then release your master. Don't you hear him? He is getting impatient, don't want a whipping do you?"
Daerah shouts, "No no no no! Its mine its mine! I'm not a slave! I'm in control!"
Verbannon points at the jar, "Prove it then. Toss it in the water or give it to me. Be done with it."
Daerah looks at it mouthing, "But its mine"
Verbannon chuckles, "Can't do it can you? Its okay if you think you're free,after all, since when does a slave's opinion matter?"
Daerah collapses to her knees, holding her ears sobbing, "Please stop"
Verbannon humor turns to pure ice, "Get off the ground to piece of trash. Get that necklace out if that jar and out it on your neck... just like a slave collar."
Daerah grabs her neck, sobs and frustration turning to terror she looks up at Verbannon standing over her and pleads with a whisper, "Please... help."
Verbannon Takes the ring of the void Raveena had gotten him and tosses it on the ground in front of Daerah saying, "Think of freedom and where that. And you won't be ablet o think of anything else, not even your desire for the necklace."
Daerah nods and through her tears slips the ring on her finger, instantly her tears end and her face turns impassioned.
Verbannon walks over to the urn and picks it up and starts walking away when DAerah says, "wait."
Verbannon turns around and Daerah asks,"Will you free her from the necklace?"
Verbannon nods, "Yes I will. There is a way, to severe her. It may hurt her, for a long time but she will be free. This I promise."
Daerah nods, "What about Filantra? She promised she knew how to free me. Putting it in that Box of the Foolish."
Verbannon sighs, "She is evil. We;ve already told you how we know. She is the one that did this to you, she sent you out to steal the necklace, probably told you to put it on. Its all her f-"
Verbannon suddenly hears some music and slurrs out, "Fu--- Filantra is-"
When Verbannon wakes up, Filantra is talking to Daerah, telling her that she will destroy the necklace. And using the fact that she used her songs to ease the necklace's hold on her mind as proof.
Verbannon sits up asking, "No, Daerah... why won't you trust me?"
Filantra looks at Verbannon, "Silence! I put you to sleep with my songs before I can do it again."
Daerah looked around like a caged animal, "I do trust you! I just- I just don't know what to do!"
Then Daerah ran out, followed by Filantra. Verbannon looked out after them, deciding there was nothing more he could do just spent a few moments praying to Tempus before stepping out and teleporting back to his lab.
Once at his lab he cscried Daerah through his mirror and saw Filantra, Vivienne and Daerah standing near the ocean in the Shadow Desert.
Daerah was watching Filantra and Vivienne argue. Vivienne was threatening Filantra saying
"You thought what I did to you was bad before!? If you don't give me that necklace I'll make it a hundred times worse! And what about Ryoden, can you imagine the torments I can lay upon him? I love him, but I know you love him more."
Filantra hesitated at this, and shook her head. "No, I-I have to destroy the necklace! This isn't natural! We need to die! All of us!"
Daerah nodded her head, "Yes humans shouldn't live forever. Its unnatural and wrong."
Verbannon muttered to himself, "Well we'll agree to disagree on that point, but it seems Daerah was right aboutFilantra. Guess I should apologize."
Verbannon was standing behind Daerah in a second and said, "Guess you were right, Filantra isn't a bad person. Guess I owe you my apologies. Mind if I help should things turn bad?"
Daerah startled then nodded, "Yes and no."
Vivienne lunged at Filantra who held up the necklace of Ages, still in the void jar, using its power to animate the ocean nearbye The water rose up and slammed into Vivienne pulling her into the water as she screamed. That battle rather easily won, without a moment's hesitation Filantra opened the Box of the Foolish and tossed the Void Jar inside. Shutting it then casting it into the sea. Then in moments Filantra's body was naught but dust.
Verbannon was stunned a bit at the suddeness saying, "Well guess I wasn't needed."
Trillet, Raveena and others arrived and started talking with Daerah while Verbannon paced back and forth saying, "Still doesn't make any sense. Filantra was in that painting, she was clearly evil. And why did they all give me the necklace in the first place?"
Verbannon paced back and forth thinking, Clearly it was all a plot by Vivienne and she said something about tormenting Filantra but how does this all work?
While Daerah and Faen were talking about Demon blood and DAerah's upcoming journey in an inn Verbannon had an epiphany shouting
"Ahah! I got it! I know why Filantra seemed evil!
We assumed that since she was powerful and laughed evilly, she must have been in control of the painting and evil. She must have actually been imprisoned in the painting herself and we released her when we destroyed the painting. Thats why there had been no rumors of her for the pasdt thousand years. Why she didn't act like a victim, well Vivienne might have been controlling their emotional reactions through the soul bond."
Verbannon thinks, "Still doesn't explain why they gave me the necklace of ages in the first place."
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(This is the same as the last post but without jokes or dialogue.)
Verbannon walked to the Seneca board where Faen and a Voadkyn were waiting. Verbannoned asked and was told that Faen had a Box, which when Verbannoned examined it turned out to be Called The Box of the Foolish, with a warning that only the foolish openned it on it. The Voadkyn had the key that openned the box. They were waiting on a woman named Filantra.

While waiting a Dancer that happened to have heard of Filantra wandered in and said that she had heard of the name Filantra. Though no mention of her for a very long time. Legends said she was a tyrant that regularily caused great destruction. Then after explaining this the dancer left in a fluster of nervousness.

Verbannon decided to go see what he could learn about this 'Filantra' After looking in a number of places he tried Oghma's temple. Where he was told Filantra was a legendary evil, collector of many powerful artifacts and destroyer of cities. Among the list of her atrocities was a painting she had that she liked to seal bad lovers in. Verbannon recognized this painting as one he had entered before to free some people. Though he didn't recall any bad lovers, it probably just slipped his mind. The box itself was rumored to have been associated with the destruction of at least one city.

Returning to Faen and the Voadkyn, he revealed this to him but Faen showed a level of Apathy that surprised Verbannon. Eventually Filantra, who was dressed as a jester, arrived and after some discussion Faen struck a deal with her. In return for her enchanting an amulet he had, Faen would give her the box. Filantra agreed and left with the amulet to enchant it.

At a later time Verbannon heard that the swap had been made, but his enquirys were rebuffed by Faen who insisted repeatably to 'mind his own business'. Faen always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder when dealing with Verbannon.

Shortly thereafter Verbannon's presence was requested to help with a curse. When he arrived at the location desired he was given a necklace inside a sack that contained its power by a man named Ryoden and a Woman named Vivienne while Ryodan watched. It was explained to him that the necklace kept all three of them immortal and forced them to feel each other's thoughts and feelings. Apparently they had bound themselves to it because of a love triangle and wanted out. Though Filantra seemed reluctant.

While studying the necklace he learned that the necklace was forged out of primordial chaos. The magic of creation. It reshaped its surroundings filling everything with a self-destructive life. It seemed likely that this is how the three stayed immortal. The necklace was bound to their souls, its power flowing through them in a small controlled amount. Anytime any part of them died, the magic gave it a new life, not so much reanimating it so much as fully recreating it from scratch. A spell on them kept the magic from turning them into monsters.

If unchecked the necklace would do the same to everything around it, creating chaotic new life out of literally everything. Mundane objects, clothes, the ground, walls, even thoughts themselves. Though it was drawn to the more chaotic and destructive thoughts around it, preferring to animate them. Verbannon spent some time seeing if there was anyway to actually use this power constructively. The answer was no, no there was not. It would require such a multitude of spells to control the power that just about any other method of building an army would be more effecient.

Anyway eventually he made contact with Mystra's temple for some information. They told him that they had information and wanted him to bring that necklace to them right asap. Deciding he might as well, Verbannon started wrapping up his experiments and informed his friends on the outside he was about to turn ove rthe necklace to Mystra.

One of his friend, a Sylvan elf named Daerah told him that first she wanted to talk to him about the necklace. And to meet her in the garden south of Shadow. Verbannon got the feeling that something was very wrong with this and on impulse prepared all of his battle spells, and even summoned an invisible elemental to protect him and the necklace, and walked in to meet Derah fully armed. When Daerah, who was waiting with Trillet, asked him why he was prepared for battle. Lacking a good reason, Verbannon sheathed his weapon.

After this Daerah asked to see the Necklace and expressed her opinion that she didn't think Mystra's temple could be trusted with the necklace. A typical response. Verbannon refused to show her the necklace and insisted that Mystra's temple was trustworthy enough. Daerah shrugged and stole the sack with the necklace anyway. After some pleading and worry by Verbannon relayed to he by Trillet DAerah returned the necklace and upset Verbannon returned to his lab.

Shortly thereafter the Necklace broke through the sack and started animating his lab. Raveena got him a Void ring to help keep the necklace from affecting or animating his thoughts and Trillet told him Daerah was acting addicted to the necklace. Verbannon assumed that meant she had worn it and thats also why the necklace's strength had increased enough to burst through the sack. After some convincing Raveena and Trillet got the components he needed to create a new container for the necklace. A stronger one.

The components were Enough living stone to form the jar, living stone will be immune to animation by the necklace due to already being alive. And technically animate. Five fragments of peaceful dreams, they will absorb any residual energy that escapes the void jar, giving the necklace only peaceful harmless things to animate. And Lastly to directly counter the power of the necklace, Essence of the Void, the last would come from Trillet's soul. Trillet's soul being heavily tainted by the Shadow, to the point where large parts of it should be on the brink of nothingness. Those parts being the parts Verbannon needed.

Trillet and Raveena showed a significant and strange amount of apathy towards the whole ordeal. Presumebly too wrapped up in their own relationship troubles. Verbannon was annoyed by this espially when the only reaction they ever showed was when either was in danger. Both resulting in them threatening Verbannon's life. When Trillet was undergoing spiritual surgery Raveena threatened Verbannon and and Raveena was hit by a powerful force from somewhere, Trillet threatened Verbannon. Eventually the Jar was built, the necklace sealed inside and the living lab calmed back to its inert state.

The Jar was taken to Mystra's temple but before it could be secured Daerah appeared out of no where and stole it. Verbannon chased her to a hidden underground grove that was dead to the weave. Here he found her trying to break the jar with a rock, enchantments on the jar placed by both Verbannon and the Mystrans prevented this from working.

Daerah half-mad threatened to kill Verbannon. But Verbannon, using his knowledge of her fear of slavery, suggested she was enslaved by the necklace. This drove her into a state of helpless panic, and she was eventually persuaded yo wear the void ring Raveena got him. This allowed her to focus her thoughts on freedom, freeing her for a while from the Necklace's power. However before Verbannon could take the jar to the Mystrans, Filantra sang a song that knocked Verbannon out.

When Verbannon awoke Daerah and Filantra were talking, eventually they left and Verbannon returned to his lab to scry their location. When he did he saw Vivienne monologuing to Filantra and Daerah on a beach that she would torment Filantra even more if she didn't hand over the Jar. And Ryoden as well, pointing out that they both loved Ryoden but Filantra loved him more.

Filantra refused saying it needed to be destroyed. Daerah agreed pointing out that humans shouldn't live forever. Verbannon thought it was a little weird Daerah singled out humans instead of all mortals but dismissed this thought before teleporting in to apologize to DAerah for being wrong and offer to help.

Though his help wasn't needed, Vivienne charged Filantra who seemed to use the power of the necklace while it was still in the jar to animate the nearby ocean water, which grabbed Vivienne and dragged her out to sea. The jar was placed inside the box of the foolish which apparently was able to seal off its power. Then the ocean carried it away. Filantra died, turning into essentially dust and her remains were put out to sea.

And this ended this plot.
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The case of the pointless shadow.

Verbannon was approached by Trillet who told Verbannon that Selune's temple had been covered by a dark shadow. Trillet thought it was likely Faen, the Sharran Fey'ri's doing. Trillet wanted Verbannon to fix the problem since none of Selune's diviners or priests could fix the problem. And Trillet paid Verbannon an undisclosed reward for doing this. Verbannon agreed and went off to Selune's temple.

First he studied the cloud, taking a sample and finding it was mostly divine with a small amount of blood magic. Then after examining this throughly Verbannon returned to the temple and spied an area of messed up dirt. Uncovering it Verbannona gem after making sure there were no traps on it Verbannon took the gem off to study. Upon removing the gem the shadow covering the temple weakened.

The gem had trace amounts of Fey'ri blood on it, seemingly confirming Trillet's opinion. Though Verbannon also entertained the possibility that fey'ri were simply sacvrificed for the spell by Shar's temple. Since Verbannon remembered Faen was actually on troubled terms with Shar over a love affair with another Sharran woman known commonly either as Isne or Violet who was hand picked by Shar for some purpose.

Anyway based on the weakening of the shadow Verbannon decided there must be four other of these gems and after asking Trillet to search Argentrock for signs of sacrifice or kidnapping (He did not find any) Verbannon sent the gem to Selune's diviners to study it to see if they could use it to locate the rest. They could not but it was a small Matter as Verbannon's persnonal Spy Pera took a walk around the temple and effortlessly found the remaining four gems all as poorly hidden as the first in a Pentagram around the temple. Removing them removed the shadows. Verbannon gave these gems to Selune's temple keeping just one for himself for study in case something else happens in the future. The oddest thing was that the Shadow seemed to have no effect at all, a most odd and pointless thing it seemed to Verbannon.
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Verbannon was ignoring Trillet as usual as Trillet babbled on about how we would all be invaded and destroyed by humplydumps and foosbwas and jabberwhatnots from the fey wild. When suddenly Verbannon heard the words 'Wild Hunt' mentioned that sparked Verbannon's attention. That was something real. Verbannon asked Trillet about it but Trillet seemed to zone out. So Verbannon did not push the issue but he stayed wary.
It was some time later though when the issue was brought up again. Trillet, Raveena and a new girl Verbannon did not recognise were in Shadow. Verbannon noted that the new girl, whose name was Jysibyll, seemed to be evenmore wild and crazy in deed than even Trillet. She flitted around lie a pixie who had gotten into the magic mushrooms. Which he would know as his familiar was a pixie who often got into his supply of magic mushrooms, at least until she died and started to haunt him but thats an unrelated tale.
Trillet explained that apparently an archfey of the summer court titled the duke of glimmering masks contacted him and informed him of an impending assault by the winter court of the feywild. A melleniel attack on the prime material plane called the wild hunt led by an archfey already on the prime material plane named the maw of endles whispers. And he needed to stop it and wanted Verbannon's help. The new girl was apprently just a new adventerer tagging along.
Verbannon listened as they babbled endlessly plans, that almost entirely relied on the assumption that the fey would be drawn irristably like moths to a flame to the greatest source of chaos. Verbannon's only suggestion was to do reearch and gather cold iron.
The feywild is a parralel plane the prime material that represents the endless potential of life. In it everything is alive and tend to be in a contant change of flux. The feywild's natural state is one of endless bountiful life, all life and all possible variations of life without natural laws to dictate any pattern or causality to the life, with the only natural ordering of the chaos being the neccessary association with life.
However the prime material is a place where natural laws dictate the causality of life and what life needs to exist and when life can't exist. And although some of the fey enjoyed the peculiar wonder such order brought to the day to day life, most fey recoiled at this being all hating, fearing and perplexed by it. But they were unable to escape it fully and even within the feywild the taint of the prime material plane's order and causality is felt . This has resulted in two factions in the fey wild. The winter court, who want to destroy the prime material plane and remake it in the feywild's image and the summer court who want to just subtly transform the prime material plane into the feywild's image. the main difference is the summer court thinks they are doin to prime material plane a favor whle the winter court finds a vindictive sport in making the cetizens of the prim material plane suffer. The fey are vulnrable to three things, cold iron, death and the void. The fey wld's opposite is the shadowplane a place of death and oblivion.

Verbannon did a lot of research and eventually discovered that the Mawtly of Endless whispers was trapped on this plane since the godswar when the first wild hunt apparently even slew some gods before Tyr managed to stop her. At this time Tyr was still mortal. He apparently trapped within a turqouise gemstone.

((At this point I got bored and noticed I was rushing and thats bad. So pick it up again later.))
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Verbannon, Trillet and Raveena eventually beat the Maw, saved Torm. Verbannon used this as an opportunity to consolidate his influence in Torm and among Tempus's intelligence agency. The end.
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Level 1
Verbannon strode into the office. His tall frame draped in the crimson red robes of the warmage. Beneath those robes his black skin was layered in pulsing spellery, so dense and thick that it resembled armor. His bald head had no hair to grow gray, but his wrinkling flesh, exaggerated by the loss of muscle definition as his wizardry stole his strength, yet testifies to his age as he stands on the cusp of his golden years. But despite this he is still a broad and powerfully built specimen, as are most of his Maalish brethren. The most distinctive aspect of his being, is a face shield of red garnet that floats milimeters before his face. The opacity of which changes as Verbannon wills.

The office he enters is broad and spacious, stone work floor, stone walls draped by red banners bearing the shield and sword of Tempus and. Off in the corner almost out of sight, a plain wooden desk and chair. The center of this room is instead dominated by a combat ring, with its bounderies marked out by the only source of light in this chamber. Small flickering candles.

Within this circle waited the three priests of Tempus who had summoned him. Each the head of one of the three strongest orders of Tempus within these lands.

The first Standing proud and powerful was Shiela Dark Water, a sun elven priestess of Tempus and head of the Steel Daggers as demoted by the rusty dagger that hung around her neck like an amulet. An order of elite warriors considered apolitical. They have the unique roll in the faith of fighting the few enemies of the faith, the various factions within the faith can agree on. She was disfigured at a young age by cyrists using a dagger that left wounds impervious to healing. Although her people never said anything, she could feel the shame if her family at her ugliness among a people that valued beauty so highly. And was drawn to leave her people and join Tempus by this.

The second was a small halfling man named Pimret Applebiscuit, with a cherub complexion, blue eyes and golden hair, he looked for all the world like a child. With only the scars on his face and the ever slightly haunted look belying his true age. He carried a broken sword on his right side, a symbol of the less combatant order of the broken sword, that handled, healing, retirement of wounded soldiers and general logistics. But what Verbannon eyed most of all was the very unbroken sword on his left side.

And lastly, the leader of the Order of Ximes, currently the most influential order in this land, the dwarf Deldrek Sangri, a proported relationshio to the dwarven king Mordrek Sangri, the last king of Graez. This is the dwarf who’s office Verbannon now stood in. The dwarf was broad shouldered, with a beard tied in a single golden braid down his chest. Silver threads encircled the beard and contrasted with dark angry eyes. He held a battleaxe already in his hands.

Verbannon entered the circle, then just crossed his arms and waited, an expression of indifference on his face. This seemed to infuriate Deldrek who spat out “Do you know why we have called you here!?
Verbannon answered without changing posture or expression in a deep slightly bored. Oice “Yes, but the question was rhetorical so you may continue”
The dwarf let out a series of expletives while the halfling struggled to resist a grin next to the impassive elf.
He finished yelling “Of course I have permission you damned fool! Its my office!”
Verbannon maintained his pose and bored expectant stare unflinching.

Deldrek continued, “You are here because you are getting too big for your damn britches! Putting half the thieves and mercenaries In Torm on retainer, contracting the dwarves in Kinarro for secret projects for the next ten years!”

The halfling interjected, “Don’t forget he out bid me, in Shadow when purchasing favors from the counsel. I mean, what’s the point of that? I was going to win anyway!”

And then the elf growled “And what few resources we have left in Tharis seem more loyal to him and his money then us now.”

Verbannon sighs deeply fogging up his visor “Do you have a point?”

The Dwarf screams now “Yes we bleeping have a point! You aren’t a priest! We are! And all your power grabbing is undermining our authority!”

Verbannon nods saying flatly “I agree. This cannot continue like this”

This seemed to surprise and silence the three priests.

Verbannon continues “What little cohesion this temple has will deteriorate completely if I continue splitting loyalties like this. I’m afraid I have no choice but to become a priest as well as a warmage.”

There is silence, then the halfling snickers then just like that all three priests are howling in laughter as Verbannon stands unamused.

Wiping a tear from her eye, the elf gasps out “What, you are going to put on the brown acolyte robes and start cleaning our armor?”

The Halfling giggles “Oh man, he would have to remove his visor! Think we’ll all go blind from the sight?”

The dwarf slows to a chuckle saying “What priest in his right mind would anoint someone like you?”

Verbannon now smiles “You three will.”

They all pause taken aback again

Verbannon continues “This is a disagreement we have, one that should be decided as Tempusians.”

Verbannon reached into a pouch and pulls out a toothpick, which starts to expand into a medium sized spear. The magic within it sparks as it makes contact with his wards.

Verbannon continues “I win, you anoint me, and I start on my way to gaining a good enough title to avoid all this splitting of loyalties. You win, Ill hand over all of my political resources.”

The elf and the halfling draw their weapons as the dwarf roars “Agreed!”

Verbannon smiles broadly now “challenge accepted” And then he speaks a single word of power, the floor within the ring suddenly flashes with glowing blue and white runes and sigils. There is a loud popping sound that rattles off like a gnome fireworks display emanating from the arms and armor of the three priests and then all falls still as the three stare in bewilderment at their equipment and the still glowing floor. And then the dwarf stammers “W-what happened!?”

Verbannon shrugs “I’ve known this was going to happen eventually. And figured it would happen here in your private fighting ring. So over the past year Ice bribed most of the mercenaries you bring in to spar with to write a small rune or symbol on the floor if they ever got the opportunity. Using an invisible ink. They do not know magic but they can make lines if they only do a small enough bit at a time. Others would pour small bottles of imbuing potions on the floor when you weren’t looking to power the magic.”

The elf looks at her weapon “My sword… its power is gone…”

Verbannon nods as he starts pulling out some bags of powder and setting them to the side “Yes, I had two spells cast. One disenchanted all the magic of your active enchantments, weapons and armor. And the other is an anti magic field.”
The dwarf smiles “Fool! That means you cant cast any spells either! And even if your defensive spells are still in place, we three are still far better warriors than thee!”

The halfling looks nervously at the powders, “Aren’t those…”

Verbannon says as he pulls out a potion, “Yes, powder of life, my invention. You’ll need it. For you see Deldrek you are correct, even with my protective wards in place, without the ability to cast offensive magic, your threes numbers and skill could still overwhelm me. However, the antimagic field does not affect potions. And this one, will have an effect on me much like your berserker prayer.”

As Verbannon Quaffs it and his body starts to bulge and warp. Pimret says “Oh bleep….”

As the anointing ceremony ended, Deldrek says in an angry growl “Its going to take more than some of our prayers and a drop of holy water on your head. To be a real Priest you gotta get Tempus to accept you and grant you his power.”

As Verbannon dries off and prepares to leave he says “Then I best find something to kill so I might offer my prayers to Tempus.”

As he starts to leave Pimret called out “H-Hey! Aren’t you going to remove your visor now you are a priest?”

Verbannon responds back “Is it a decree of Tempus?”

The halfling says “No, but it’s a tradition and shows your-“

The halfling stops for Verbannon has already left the temple, his visor firmly in place.

Shielia says “That man… is an asshole.”

Deldrek nods, “’One Good trait though does not a Priest make lass”
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Level 5

The battlefield burned. A mighty inferno that stank with the odor of the long dead. The bones of the undead hordes that plagued Sangri was the kindling. And the lone wizard sitting in the midst of the flames the spark.

Verbannon had been here for weeks, setting fire to all the undead he could. And after each battle he sat amidst the flames, magically protected, and made the same prayer in a dull thick voice.

"I made my prayer in blood, with the crackling of flames my prayer...." He sighed not finishing the ritual. "Okay, I’m tired of this. If you don’t give me some kind of response, I’m opening a portal and am going to go to you. This is ridiculous-"

Before he finishes a deep amused voice cuts in "Thee lacks a certain humility one often expects in mine or any clergy.

Verbannon sighs and stands up brushing himself off, "If I thought Tempus cared a whit for such, I would not have chosen him for my god."

The voice makes a scoffing sound "Presumptuous."

Verbannon looks around "I do have enough humility to doubt Tempus would be making a personal visitation. So what who are you spirit?"

The voice answers in a booming voice "I! Am the will of Tempus!"

Verbannon nods, "So you wont mind if I cast an outsider entrapment spell to test your claim."

As Verbannon starts to gesticulate the voice answers with shock in its voice "Wait what!? You cant be serious! Stop! I’m not Tempus himself I just represent his will in this matter!"

Verbannon stops casting then answers reprovingly "Now wasn’t it presumptuous of you to use the first person then speaking as if you were Tempus?"

The spirit speaks again sounding equal parts incredulous and enraged "Who the bleep are you!? Seeking to become a priest but then mocking and threatening the high servants of your GOD!?"

Verbannon shrugs, "I'd estimate you are closer to middle management. But if you are insulted you can challenge me or get on with why you are here, or do the statutes of Tempus not apply to his middle servants?"

There is a very long silence, then the voice returns stiff but even "You are bold and that is a trait to be valued in the faith. But I'll warn you, though Tempus doth not require the bowing and scraping other gods do, due reverence and respect are yet required.

Then with this Verbannon stood up, turned towards the spirit, and made a bow, with a voice sounding absolutely sincere, "My sincere apologies for offence given, high servant of Tempus."

The spirit pauses, "Is that yet more mockery?"

Verbannon shakes his head no, the light dazzling off his visor "It is not, I sought to test my boundaries at first, so as to know that I was not making an untenable commitment. I found the boundaries tenable thus now I seek to make amends."

Though Verbannon can only see a vague outline of magic where the divine servant stands, he senses that the being is nodding.

It says 'Very well then. I do have a purpose for coming and instruction for you, if ye truly seek to join the clergy of Tempus."

Verbannon nods, waiting silent otherwise.

The being then asks Verbannon "Tell me wizard. Why do you fight?"

Verbannon begins to recite his reasons immediately in an almost mechanical lilt.

"The world and all the civilizations within are weak. Armies can be crushed by a single wizard and yet even the might within these wizards is a trifling thing. Beings outside our plane hold more power now than all the power of wielded by mortals since the beginning combined.
I seek to arm the needful with the power they need to effectively fight a war of annihilation which I believe is inevitably coming. And I believe right now all are needful.”

Verbannon feels the being’s dismissal of his words and is stung by it, and feels an anger boiling up at this dismissal he quickly squelches.

The spirit says “That is a weak reasoning. Insubstantial, vague and lacking substance. It is but a goal, and a distant one at that. Why do you believe as you do? What drives to these ends? To dismiss the protections granted by the Gods which has thus far been enough to protect this world from the greater destructions.”

Verbannon rolls his eyes and crosses his arms “It is not as if I suffered some tragic life defining event in my childhood.”

The spirit replies in agreement “Nay you did not, for you it was a series of small events, like the chipping of a sculpture’s chisel which did build you. You have rationalized this grandiose mission to hide the truth of your motivations even from yourself. “

Verbannon says nothing but shifted uncomfortably.

The entity continues “You must know yourself before you can know your enemy. And until you know both your passion will always be confused and your will uncertain. “

Verbannon nods without conviction now “What would you have me do?”

The entity, smiles. Verbannon does not see it, but he feels it. It is a cold smile, a cruel smile.

It says “Accept me into you and I shall show you your truth.”

Verbannon takes a step back and says “What are you? I do not recognize your breed spirit.”

The spirit says “I am known as a final witness. When a man lays dying upon the ground and his breaths grow shallower and shallower. His life passes before his eyes relived in its entirety in moments. The dying are the first to pass judgement upon their own lives And if they have breath yet in their bodies they cry out their greatest regret, Triumph or love. And to all that I bear witness. On battlefields I and my kind are many.”

Verbannon nods “I see, If I accept you within me, then I shall relive my life?”

The spirit assents adding only “And that rudeness earlier, I shall not be gentle.”

Verbannon then says simply “So be it.”

And thus the spirit did both witness and become a part of Verbannon’s latest regret.
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Level 6

This had been a year of drought. Many of the natural springs had become dried or tainted and the Polebea, a relatively peaceful tribe of Maalish nomads who tended sheep. Were growing desperate. But salvation seemed upon them as they came upon a somehow still lush woodland. The woodland grew around a spring which sprang forth from a rent in the side of a large serpentine rock structure. A small monastery was nestled between two of the outcroppings to the side of the spring. A pen held in a few dozen goats built into the rock outcropping on the other side. And a small garden was dug in front on the monastery. Monks could be seen tending to the garden and goats. As the men and strong women of the tribe approached the water, pointedly leaving their weapons in the around behind them. A monk they had not seen before was suddenly before them, standing barefoot upon the surface of the water. As if it was dry land.

The monk was middle aged, his face and skin soft save for the numerous scars on his face, arms and hands. His eyes were typical narrow Senzokuan eyes. And every inch of his body was shaved smooth and hairless from his head to his uncalloused feet. A fact noticable as he was utterly unclad.

His eyes were hard as he looked the tribe over. The tribespeople not wanting to offend all bowed in the manner of the Senzokuen. The monk did not bow in return.

Instead the monk said in a hard voice, “These are the sacred waters of the dragon’s blood. An ancient blue dragon named Kukidexiwang died a peaceful death here and his body became this spring.It is sacred. We keep it. None unsanctified shall even touch it. Therefore take thine filthy beasts and filthier people and leave. You have no place here.”

These words stirred the Maalish to anger but they were quelled by the eldest among them who stepped forth palms held upwards and said “Mercy I beg you, should we leave now, we shall surely perish. Hark, I see thine own beasts are drunken from troughs with water from the river pulled with buckets of jade. Let us dig a trough so that you might fill it with thine sacred buckets. So our people and animals might drink from it and be satisfied. And your waters not defiled. We shall leave with you a price of gold and silver and hasten our exodus thereafter. And in this way we shall both have peace and no sorrow must befall.”

The monk scowled and spake harshly “I know not of any greater defilement then were I to allow our waters the likes of you burnt skinned people. Away with thee now and perhaps you might reach new waters with only your beasts lost. Your thirsts quenched by their blood. Tarry amuch longer and I shall cease to show you the mercy of my tolerance.”

At these words the warriors surged forward intent on taking this lone man. But the man leaped straight into the air, water trailing his feet. As he descend he whirled in the air swifter than the eye could behold. His feet kicking at the drops of trailing water with wondrous speed and precision. A thunderous sound was heard with each kick and before this sound dissipated, both another would begin and a warrior would fall. The drop of water having pieced his flesh through and through. Within moments each warrior, a score and nine in all laid dead, their bodies a riddle of holes.

Only one yet stood, the elder. His flesh had turned the water droplets by virtue of the scales that now covered his body. His eyes flashed with rage and his voice hissed “For thisss inssult. A dragon shall now drink of your blood.”

The elder, the tribe shaman, a druid, then transformed, in moments while the monk stood awestricken, the man bad grown into a great brown dragon. The dragon’s head whipped downwards and released blast of sand powerful enough to strip the steel and flesh off a knights bones and scour them clean and white.

The monk snapped out of his revelry in time to kick at the water and splash it upwards. The palms of his hands deftly wove about gliding along the water, smoothing it into a shield just in time to block the sand blast. His hands kept weaving incredibly fast, straitening the water wherever the sand seemed about to burst free. Soon the shield of water was a shield of mud. But the mud blinded the monk and the sand deafened him so he saw not the tail sweeping around to strike the monk, breaking a leg and hurling him through the trees.

The enraged Druid stomped after the monk intent on devouring him. But out of the corners of his eyes he saw movement. Four more monks were leaping at him in dramatic kicks from either side. Each in a close pair. The Sand Dragon whipped his head about breathing another scouring burst of sand at them but both pairs of monks kicked off each other evading the sand. And then the dragon felt a horrendous pain in his base of his throat.

The monk champion had his arm buried in the dragons throat up to his shoulder. With a broken leg he yet managed to hurl himself with enough force to do this deed. With a swipe of his claw the champion was made ribbons of bloodied flesh. But the damage was done. The dragon was dying.

At this point the shaman’s humanity fled him and the dragon who’s spirit possessed him, a sand dragon who’s only name in life had been his title, Pharaoh, now took complete control. And its only desire now that life was forfeit was to use its last moments for revenge. The dragon hurtled off back towards the river. A half dozen monks stood in his way but they were as the leaves a boulder. And crushed to pulp. The dragon fell into the river, bleeding its dragon’s blood into the dragon’s blood and then as it perished, a human corpse was left floating in the river. Defiling what the monks had held so dear.

The surviving members of the Polebea tribe did sacrifice their animals to drink of their blood as the Champion Monk had predicted. And a remnant was able to be saved. No longer a tribe they were forced to merge with the tribe Uhele.

And this is how Verbannon learned of the fate of this tribe. And for many years hence this story plagued his nightmares, often he was the Polebea warriors, struck down in moments by the monk, before they even knew what was happening, sometimes he was one of the lesser monks crushed by the rampaging dragon, helpless and weak before its might but forced by oaths sworn to die anyway and sometimes he was the river itself, a helpless pawn fought over by two powers he could not know much less understand. But yet he was destroyed by them anyway.
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